The Beths Prefer Quiet in New Raucous Single “Silence Is Golden” 

For The Beths, silence is a treasured thing, it’s golden in fact. But for fans of the indie pop band, it’s a blessing that The Beths chose to express their love of silence through a raucous and fiery single, “Silence is Golden.”

The electric guitar-powered song, released earlier this week, was written throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and carries a sort of COVID-specific energy with it. Is that a way of saying the song is “sick”? Sure. But the lyrics call back to the feeling of enjoying the endless stream of days with absolutely nothing to do, a time to pick up random hobbies and interests that you would have never done if you didn’t have months to yourself. A time to shut yourself off to demands and stressors, and just focus on living. 

The lyrics build up in an almost panic-attack-inducing way about the stressors of life, how they can get into your head and ruin everything before singer Elizabeth Stokes bursts into a chorus that just repeats “Silence is golden, is golden, it’s golden.”

The single is in support of the New Zealand-based band’s upcoming album, “Expert in a Dying Field,” which will be out Sept. 16 on Carpark Records. It’s not the band’s first single this year, after releasing “A Real Thing” in February, but it’s the first song that will also be featured on the upcoming album.

Before the album is released later this year, the band will be embarking on a tour of the United States kicking off in Seattle on July 24 and culminating in Columbus, Ohio on Sept. 1 before the band heads back to Australia and their native New Zealand for a tour that starts later in September.

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