Los Angeles Duo Sleeping Lion Wants You to “CTFO” 

If you’re in need of a new easy-listening pop jam to add to your newest playlist, you’re in luck. Sleeping Lion, the pop duo comprised of Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth McGuire, just dropped their latest single, “CTFO” (or ‘Chill the F*** Out, if you will).

And yes, this chilled-out tune is exactly what it sounds like. The Los Angeles-based duo, have managed to take such a clearly raunchy message and tone it down to a mellow, but tech-y, upbeat melody that inspires you to be done with everyone’s nonsense, but in a ~cool~ way.

For anyone who feels overwhelmed or pressured with different expectations from personal relationships that cause drama and feel the need to decompress from toxicity, this little ditty is for you. 

“CTFO” provides a mix of happy bitterness towards those who are stressing you out and let out your vexation towards the pessimism being shoved towards you and dancing around while you do it. Strong but gentle electronic orchestration flows throughout the song, with encouraging descending chants being provided in the background of the anthem. “CFTO” can be experienced in your room for casual listening when you want to provide a subtle middle finger towards the negativity that surrounds you in your own world privately, or it can be shared between related feelings with friends in an ultra-fine, optimistic but angsty serenade in the car.

You might’ve heard about this combo before when their first EP, Patient Creature, made its rounds through social media back in 2016, or maybe you’ve seen one of their live shows from across the globe in places like Mexico or back in Boston, where Nate and Noah first met. But ever since moving to Los Angeles in 2017, Sleeping Lion has been able to focus on stirring up eccentric beats that hold up within today’s standards revolving around pop music.

For those looking for more, this latest track will be included on Sleeping Lion’s new and upcoming record, Most Improved, set to release this fall. Ergo, those who connect with this funky, ambient piece will soon get to experience even more doses of this duo’s pop art.

“CTFO” is out now.

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