New Music Sunday

The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 78

Noteworthy album & EP releases:
Weapons, Ava Max
healing hurts, BLU EYES
Superstar, Christian Leave
Redcar les adorables etoiles (prologue), Christine & The Queens
PEE, Devon Again
Clearing, HYD
I’m Doing Well, Thanks For Asking, Jordana
Everything to Everyone, Reneé Rapp
Live,Laugh, Love, Sizzy Rocket
11, Sault
Y5, Yuna

In chronological order:

“Leech” – Dream Wife
Release date – November 9

Taken from our post on the new single here, written by Erin Yarnall:

In Dream Wife’s newest single, “Leech,” out today, the London-based punk band powerfully calls out the double standards of power, seemingly in the music industry, but unfortunately, the song can be relevant to a whole host of scenarios.

In the new song, Dream Wife uses its spoken-word verses to address people in positions of power who abuse those positions to take advantage of others, especially in the verse “Do you hide behind your parents? Hide behind my youth? Hide behind my inexperience? My lack of judgment? Do you hide behind the position you hold? Do you hide behind the illusions of power? The perception of power? Just have some fucking empathy.”

The lengthy, gut-wrenching verses in “Leech” build to its anger-filled, explosive choruses in which singer Rakel Mjöll repeatedly wails “The leech is out for blood,” culminating in the line “They won’t stop, they won’t stop ‘til they get every drop.”

“Broke Mine Too” – Devon Again
Release date – November 11

Rising independent musician Devon Again has released her new EP, titled PEE. If this was named to get people talking, I’d assume it’s working. Devon Johanningmeier, a 21-year-old artist who grew up on the outskirts of Denver, found viral success with the release of her debut single, “Suburbia,” released last year.

“Broke Mine Too” may sound like the typical breakup song upon first glance, but a full listen paints Devon Again as the villain of the story: being the person to break up with someone else and being disappointed in herself for not being who the other person needs.

“It’s all too overwhelming, can’t give you what you want, I’m tired of losing sleep, I think I need to be alone.”

If you’re a fan of electropop music by artists like Sophie Cates (FKA as Silver Sphere) or Dora Jar, I recommend checking out Devon Again’s new EP.

“Sorry To Me Too” – Julia Michaels
Release date – November 11

Fresh off working on Sabrina Carpenter’s vastly underrated album emails i can’t send, Julia Michaels is back with a single of her own: the first of 2022.

“Sorry To Me too” is a more upbeat release from Michaels, whose most recent successful singles include “If The World Was Ending” ft. JP Saxe and “All Your Exes.” The trope of a breakup song is can certainly feel overdone, but Michaels’ take on this oh-so-popular topic for popular music feels new, as she comes to terms with forgiving herself for putting up with a (seemingly) toxic relationship.

“The new music I have coming is me going through the grieving process of a breakup. You’ll hear me working out what happened, where it went wrong, trying not to blame myself, and getting back to life without this person who I thought would be in it for a really long time,” she said in a statement about the song and new music to come.

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