New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 12/3/2017

Lesson 2.8-2

I’m back with my third New Music Sunday post! Click here and here to see the previous two posts. Enjoy!

In order of release date, then alphabetical order:

“Getting Older” – Sam Fischer
Release Date – November 28

Do you ever hear a song and you know you love instantly? That’s how I felt when I heard this song. I hear so many sounds that remind me of Allen Stone, John Mayer and old school Ed Sheeran. So good, so timeless! I love the question that he’s powering throughout the song. A great moment for him for sure.

“Chakra Daemon” – Foreign Air
Release Date – November 29

I’ve heard some of Foreign Air’s music before, and I’m super intrigued by it. It sucks that they just played a show in Chicago last week and I missed it! I really like their 80s electronic vibe.

“Hard to Find” – Khushi
Release Date – November 29

I remember hearing a song by this same artist a few months ago called “Stories” and was instantly feeling it because it sounded so different than anything else I had heard of. I think this level of uniqueness is relevant in this song too. This song has more of an R&B sound to it compared to the previous one I had heard and I think it works well.

“Fairytale of New York” – Recorded at Spotify Studios – Rostam (Cover)
Release Date – November 29

First, I apologize for this audio player being all funky and ruining the flow of this post. I couldn’t find the track on Soundcloud! The original track is pretty old (1987) and I hadn’t heard it before. I’m also not that interested in Christmas music. I know that makes me sound like the Grinch but I don’t really seek out Christmas music during the holidays unless I’m with my family. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Christmas song – it’s not TOO Christmas-y and I think it really tells a story. Rostam did a fantastic job making it sound like his own song.

“Way With Words” – Bahamas
Release Date – December 1

This song definitely sounds different than anything else I tend to listen to, and I’m still a little unsure as to why I like it so much. It has moments where it almost sounds a bit country but then it gets FUNKY and even treads on sounding like soul. I think all these interesting moments in one song is what pulls me in.

“Love” – DJDS, Empress Of
Release Date – December 1

I just realized that this song is a cover of a Lana Del Rey song, oops. Clearly I didn’t listen to enough music this year. I used to really like Lana Del Rey when I was in high school but my interest in her has dropped immensely since. I listened to the original track and this cover is a lot more upbeat and is a lot more dancey. DJDS has worked with Kanye West and Khalid.

“Fireworks” – First Aid Kit
Release Date – December 1

I anticipate the release of a new song from First Aid Kit because they are one of my favorite musicians as of right now and they never fail to make me fall in love with their music. This song is a bit more folk-y than the previous songs they have released, which makes me assume that their new album, out in early 2018, will follow suit with that genre.

“Cotton Candy” –  Jessie Reyez
Release Date – December 1

Wow. I think this song is so simplistically beautiful and really made me relate to the lyrics. With a little research I realized that Jessie was featured on a Calvin Harris track for Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. 

“golden” (ft. Vérité) – Pell
Release Date – December 1

I knew this artist’s name sounded familiar, and I realized it’s because he did a show with Aminé for Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days in Chicago. You can read about it here. I jumped on this track because I already love Vérité and I think her voice really adds a lot to this track.

“Runaway” – Sasha Sloan
Release Date – December 1

One of Sasha’s other singles, “Ready Yet,” became one of my favorites of 2017. She has such a beautiful voice and does an amazing job making the listener really feel and relate to what she’s singing about. I hear a lot of Selena Gomez and Vérité in her voice and I think that makes for an interesting sound.

“amnesia” – slenderbodies
Release Date – December 1

I think this song is so well produced and gives off a super spooky feeling – the singer has a very light and airy voice that seems to bounce along the track quite nicely. I’m very interested in their sound!

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– Kristin

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