New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 12/10/2017

Lesson 2.8-4

I’m back with another great list of songs I discovered this week. I’m going to do less writing with each track because I’ve included a few more on this post than usual. I hope you find something you enjoy!

“Love You Better” – Feki, Glades
Release Date – October 27

This song is a lot older than the rest of the songs on this list and I wish I had heard it earlier! It’s a classic song about a struggling relationship but at the end of the day, she knows she can love someone better than anyone else. I think it’s sweet. The band featured, Glades, actually has a TON of plays on Spotify.

“Emperor Tho” – Brett
Release Date – November 29

I have heard a couple songs by Brett before and his synth dream pop vibes go a little country sometimes, which I think is really interesting. I hear a lot of The Wombats in this song compared to the others that I have heard, which is funny because their new release is on this list, too. I also just think the title is hilarious (the lyrics go “Who died and make you emperor, though?”)

“Talk In Your Sleep” – Moose Blood
Release Date – December 4

I have been super into Moose Blood ever since I discovered their music after seeing their name on the Lollapalooza 2017 lineup, and they make me want to relive my early teens when I was obsessed with Mayday Parade and All Time Low.

“Scary Love” – The Neighbourhood
Release Date – December 4

The Neighbourhood is back after a long break. I was a huge fan during their initial stages as a band after their first album release and I am pleasantly surprised with the recent releases! Keep them coming.

“Make Believe” – No No Yeah Okay
Release Date – December 6

I think this band has such an interesting sound: I immediately heard sounds like Bronze Radio Return meets Alt-J, which sounds strange, but if you’re familiar with both bands, you’d get it.

“Turn” – The Wombats
Release Date – December 6

I’ve always been a casual fan of The Wombats but I think this song is my favorite thing they have done. I think they’ve continued to do a great job sticking to their unique sound but still managed to incorporate current music trends in this song.

“crash” – Eden
Release Date – December 8

I’ve heard a couple songs by Eden, and only a few really stuck for me, and this is a great addition! I think he has a really nice voice to listen to. I like that this song features a female voice on it, too.

“I Could Always” – Le Youth, MNDR
Release Date – December 8

This is probably my favorite track that I’ve stumbled upon this week, I think the female singer really sounds like a combination of a lot of pop singers making music right now and I think that’s interesting.

“Space For Us” – Wingtip, Youngr
Release Date – December 8

I really like how the singer is basically saying I’ll make room for us in my life, which is super cute! This song has a great beat and I just want to walk around the street and dance to it.

“Low” – Greyson Chance
Release Date – December 8

The YouTube star is back! Greyson got super famous back in 2010 when he was just 13-years-old and had a fairly successful child career since…I’m not too sure because I didn’t follow it closely. This song started playing before I realized who it was, and I’m so impressed with it, especially coming from a 20-year-old! I think his voice sounds like Sam Smith which is pretty incredible for such a young artist. I’m curious to see where he goes next.

“The Gold” – Acoustic – Manchester Orchestra
Release Date – December 8

This song was one of my favorites of 2017 and I think I like it even more acoustic.

“Face to Face” – Mat Kearney
Release Date – December 8

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of male pop musicians have been reevaluating their sound in 2017 in order to cater to what’s popular, and regardless if you think that’s a positive or a negative thing, I think that Mat Kearney integrated these sorts of sounds perfectly into his new music. I’ve always been a fan of Kearney and I think this song is a great example of who he is as a musician while still (hopefully) opening his fan base.

“h d w g h?” – Stop Light Observations
Release Date – December 8

Another band who had one of my favorite songs of the year. This song opens and sounds so differently than the other songs I have heard by this band but I really enjoy it. It reminds me so much of Moon Taxi! Take a listen and let me know what you think.

“I Might” – Tom Grennan
Release Date – December 8

Ooooh, I love this song. The moment it started I knew it would be one that I liked. I think I just have a soft spot for male British musicians, honestly. It reminded me a lot of George Ezra meets James Bay but adding a little more grit and raspiness. I think this is one of my favorites and I think this song could do really well on radio.

“Young Heart” – Tom Speight
Release Date – December 8

I think this may be one of the only, if not the sole singer-songwriter vibing song that’s on this list, which is unusual for me because it’s a genre of music that I tend to gravitate towards a lot. But I love it!

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