New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 1/21/2018

Lesson 2.8-5

Happy Sunday! Here’s my latest round-up of new tunes. You can follow the playlist here. Click here for the archived version.

“Cherry Blossom Falls”- To Kill A King
Release Date – January 12

I’m not really sure why I like this song so much, it has such a good groove to it. I once saw this band perform live with Bastille, but haven’t kept up with their career otherwise. They just released a full length album, which is where this song is from, so I will definitely be making a note to listen to it.

“Neighbors” – Lucius
Release Date – January 19

Another interesting addition to this playlist! I think Lucius is SUCH a cool group and I’m loving the new sound that I can hear on this song. This song in particular makes me think of an old western film (in a good way).

“Square One” – Moss Kena
Release Date – January 17

The cool thing about this song is that I have listened to it at least five times at this point and I still can’t tell if it’s a female or male singing it. I love that! I think this song can GROOVE and just gives off good vibes. It also has great lyrical content about falling down but continuing to push through, which is always a good message.

“White Flower” – Rafferty
Release Date – January 17

A genre that I typically don’t explore too much: rock. I would say I definitely explore genres that have aspects of rock music in them, but not much that is just straight up contemporary rock music. I was drawn to this song because it is inherently rock music but still sounds like a song that can compete in 2018.

“Aldrig Mer” – Kasbo ft. Tender
Release Date – January 18

I’m really liking this week’s round-up of new songs because I think there is SUCH a variety of sounds. This song sounds nothing like any of the others that I’ve featured and I love being able to share all these genres of music in one place. I would say that this is electronic – but I really don’t know much about EDM. After Googling who Kasbo is, it says he does chillwave and future bass, so I guess it’s a combination of those two?

“Ignore Me” – Betty Who
Release Date – January 19

I’ve been following Betty Who since 2014 or so and I’ve been a fan of her 80s pop sound, but I fell off the wagon a bit after her recent album release. After I heard she was releasing a new single as an independent artist – releasing something on her own without any sort of supervision or guidelines for the first time in five years – I got excited. I am SO obsessed with this song and it’s probably my favorite one on this list. I’m looking forward to seeing the direction she takes!

“California, Missouri” – Kassi Ashton
Release Date – January 19

Well there is a first time for everything – I have included a country song! I’ve mentioned in posts before that when I like a country song has that storytelling aspect that is so familiar to the genre – and I think a lot of contemporary country music fails keep that aspect alive. But I think this song is a great representation of how I would like a country song to sound, and she reminds me a lot of Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves – which are two female country musicians that I can enjoy from time to time.

“Fog And The Fear” – LPX
Release Date – January 19

I’ve featured LPX on my website a handful of times – so here’s another plug! She just released an EP – Bolt In The Blue – featuring 6 songs. Give it a listen!

Release Date – January 19

I’m surprised I featured a rap song, but it happened! This song got me super pumped and I think it will be a great addition to my workout playlist.

“Goodbye” – Porches
Release Date – January 19

I think that Porches’ entire album was just released and I’m looking forward to hearing the entire thing. This one just appeared on my New Music Friday playlist and it drew me in a lot.

“Aura” – SG Lewis, J Warner
Release Date – January 19

This song reminds me a lot of Anderson .Paak and Disclosure – I’m not sure if that is a legitimate comparison but I hear it in this song! I just want to dance to this song and I like that it strays away from that typical super loud and electronic style of dance music but still is able to sound relevant.

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