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New Music Sunday – 1/28/2018

Lesson 2.8-7

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As I continue doing these posts every Sunday, I have started to receive a few emails/direct messages/etc. with new songs looking for some promotion. If you are a musician and want your song to be featured, don’t hesitate to reach out via email ( or you can reach me via Twitter. Thank you!

“Ruin Me” – ROULES
Release Date – January 11

I’ve found myself to be increasingly more intrigued by pop songs with a somewhat dark undertone, and I think this song is a perfect example of that. I hear a lot of Troye Sivan meets Porches influences which I think is an interesting combination.

“Drive” – Hazers
Release Date – January 19

This song teeters on sounding like a Chainsmokers x Twenty One Pilots song but I think the female vocals really saves it, honestly. I just find it to be super catchy and will probably be adding it to my forever growing workout playlist.

“&Run (K.Flay Remix)” – Sir Sly, K. Flay
Release Date – January 19

I believe that this is a new version of a song that Sir Sly had originally released on their own but I really like this remix. I enjoy K.Flay’s music and think she adds an extra dimension to this song. I think they work well together (which is cool because they are about to tour together). I think Sir Sly will be at Lollapalooza so maybe she will be too – and she’s from Illinois, so that’s a bonus reason for her to play.

“‘I’m a Sailor Not a Salesman” – Lostboycrow
Release Date – January 19

Lostboycrow’s sound is SO interesting to me and I think he does a really great job at meshing a lot of different genres together to create his own sounds. I like the idea in this song that he wears his heart on his sleeve and that he has a hard time hiding his emotions – I think that is something that a lot of people can relate to.

“83 Days” – Wafia
Release Date – January 19

Wafia dropped her new EP on the 19th, and I finally got around to listening to it in its entirety. I really do love every song on featured, but “83 Days” is probably my favorite one. I think she does a great job giving off this super ethereal vibe but does a good job combining it with songs that are, well, sort of sad in nature, which is a cool combination. She’s playing a show in Chicago tomorrow – I would definitely check it out if you’re free!

“Water Baby” – Tom Misch, Loyle Carner
Release Date – January 22

I heard Tom Misch maybe two months ago and fell in love with his sound and style. He reminds me a bit of Jack Garratt but a little more laid back. I think the rap verse adds a unique point of view to the sound as well. His debut album is out in April and he’s only 22…if you wanted to feel super unaccomplished.

“Fake Nice” – The Aces
Release Date – January 24

I’ve been following The Aces for just about a year and a half (click here and here to see just a couple posts I’ve written on them) and I always get excited when I see new music released. They just announced the release of their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic – coming April 6th. When I first read the title of this song, I immediately thought of Paramore’s “Fake Happy” but I honestly like this song better.

“On Hold” – Fenne Lily
Release Date – January 24

Well this isn’t a cover from The xx, this is Fenne’s own song, and I love it! She really has a beautiful voice and she reminds me a lot of Wolf Alice meets Middle Kids (two rock bands with female singers).

“Lie” – Shallou, Riah
Release Date – January 25

I’ve loved everything that Shallou has put out and it’s also awesome that he’s a Chicago native. He included some really cool technological elements on the Spotify presentation of the song that gives the music an extra element which is really cool. He’s playing a show here in March and you should definitely go! I would be going but I ironically have tickets to see someone else on the same night.

“Moonlight Baby” – The Dig
Release Date – January 25

There’s something that sounds super intriguing and mysterious about this song that just completely draws me in. It sounds a little more like old fashion rock to me and that may be what makes it stand out for me. I also hear a lot of Arctic Monkeys.

“Fuck Your Money” – Elohim
Release Date – January 26

I’m seriously OBSESSED with everything Elohim releases and I’m a huge fan of her. I remember her performing this song at Lollapalooza and wondering why it wasn’t released anywhere…so I’m happy that it’s here now!

“Just The Same” – Charlotte Lawrence
Release Date – January 26

I feel super old but I had never heard of Charlotte Lawrence before this song and it turns out she’s pretty popular on social media. I really like this song and it definitely follows popular elements of current pop music, but I still enjoy it. AND she is only 17 so I just don’t understand how such young people are so talented nowadays.

“Sunnyside” – Cuco
Release Date – January 26

I find this song to be very interesting sonically because I can’t really pinpoint the genre of it. I think that’s enough encouragement to get you to listen to it!

“To Chicago” – Ciaran Lavery
Release Date – January 26

It would be a lie if I didn’t mention that this song drew me in because of the title. Then I realized after a few listens it reminds me so much of the song “Good Things” by Bodeans – which is a super old song from the 90s that I have vivid childhood memories attached to. Google has taught me that Lavery has had a successful career in music in his home country of Ireland and released a new single ahead of his next album, out in April.

“High For Me” – Olivia Noelle ft. Kid Ink 
Release Date – January 26

At first listen, this song can come off as a little one-dimensional, but I actually really enjoy the message of the song and think it has a great beat. I think I could do without the rap verses, but that is probably just be my personally preference.


Thanks for reading!

– Kristin

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