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New Music Sunday – 2/18/2018


Happy New Music Sunday! Thanks for reading.

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“Thanks For Nothing” – Nilüfer Yanya
Release Date – February 6

I follow one of my favorite journalists, Brian Mansfield, on Twitter, and he likes to share new music that he’s discovered every now and then, and that’s how I found this song. I love her voice!

“Rosebud” – U.S. Girls
Release Date – February 6

I first discovered U.S. Girls (a project by Meghan Remy), after I heard her song “Mad As Hell” and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Her music covers difficult topics like domestic abuse and human rights, which makes her album (released this past Friday), pretty relevant.

“Being Alive” – Frankie Cosmos
Release Date – February 8

I have a few sad girl songs on this playlist this week, but I love this song and can’t help it. If you’re into it, she’s playing Lincoln Hall in May.

“Kiss Me Now” – Upsahl
Release Date – February 9

I love being able to write for Ones To watch, especially because my fellow writers are always introducing me to new music. Thanks to the Instagram account, I discovered this song and was instantly hooked. And she’s only 18!

“Must Be Nice” – Varsity
Release Date – February 9

“Getting Over You” – Lauv
Release Date – February 14

I have loved everything that Lauv has put out thus far and this song in particular just felt super personal and relatable in the saddest way.

“Don’t Waste My Time” – Taylor Belle
Release Date –  February 14

I couldn’t ask for a better song to be released on Valentine’s Day. Four words that mean so much: don’t waste my time.

“Love Lies” – Khalid, Normani
Release Date – February 14

Let’s be real, I’m waiting for every member of Fifth Harmony to announce the band is breaking up so they can all pursue solo careers. With Camila finding success as a solo artist, Lauren collaborating with Halsey, and now Normani with Khalid – one of the biggest starts out there right now, it seems inevitable to me that they’re going to call it quits soon. I’m loving this song!

“Happy Season” – Phangs
Release Date – February 16

I’ve featured Phangs on here before and was so happy to see that his debut EP was out. Give it a listen – Happy Season is probably my favorite track at the moment.

“Modern Romance” – B00TY
Release Date – February 16

If you can get past this sort of obnoxious band name and album artwork, this song really BANGS! I love the rhythm and the overall feel of it. It reminds me of Anderson .Paak a lot!

“Alien Boy” – Oliver Tree
Release Date – February 16

If you could combine 3OH!3 with Twenty One Pilots and add some electronic elements into the mix, you would get Oliver Tree. Something about them is so sonically pleasing for me and their music just makes me want to dance!

“Look Back” – Diplo, DRAM
Release Date – February 15

Wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but I actually really like this song! Something about it just seems super big and extravagant and like it could be apart of a movie soundtrack or something. I’m into it.

“I Don’t Mind” – The Wldlfe
Release Date – February 14

Midwest, represent. This Indianapolis band continues to kill it. I can see this song be the one that pushes them to the next level.

“Dirty Love” – Mt. Joy
Release Date – February 13

Here I am again, saying that there’s another band that I have been meaning to listen to for awhile, but I always mean it when I say it! Once I finally did, I was super impressed. Their debut album is out on March 2.

“Moon River” – Frank Ocean
Release Date – February 14

This cover of the track from Breakfast At Tiffany’s is so beautiful! I honestly just think that Frank Ocean could sing the telephone book and make it sound great.

“Bodys” – Car Seat Headrest
Release Date – February 16

When I featured Car Seat Headrest in a previous post, I said that I liked the music but not too into it or anything, but the more new stuff that he releases, the more I like it! This song is just one off of the album that I am wanting to check out soon.

“Have I Told You Enough” – Moose Blood
Release Date – February 13

I guess I will never grow out of my pop punk phase. Moose Blood just continues to release singles I’m loving!

“Sex Crime” – Bloodboy
Release Date – February 14

I first heard Bloodboy’s song “Hey Kid” on a Discover Weekly playlist (what’s new) and was obsessed with it. She tackles some pretty controversial ideologies while still making it a great pop song. You gotta love a good balance!

“I’m Tired, You’re Lonely” – Liza Anne
Release Date – February 16

Based on the numerous times that I’ve included a song from Liza Anne in these posts, I think it’s obvious that she can do no wrong.

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