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New Music Sunday – 3/18/2018


Happy Sunday! I’m back with more new music. Enjoy!

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“Bad Things Happen To Such Good People” – Manchester Orchestra ft. Julien Baker
Release Date – February 23

I’m really not sure why it almost took me a month to discover this song exists, but I’m thankful I found it because I’m a huge fan! I love both of these artists and really enjoyed the collaboration, despite it being a pretty sad song.

“In The Car” – Jayce, JP Clark
Release Date – March 1

This is interesting because it weirdly sounds like a song that One Direction could have released three years but it still sounds like 2018. I like the beat!

“Nighttime Girls” – The Districts
Release Date – March 9

The Districts are one of those bands that I’ve always enjoyed in passing but haven’t really taken the time to dive into their discography. I’m liking this song a lot and am thinking they have a chance to land on the Lolla lineup this year, so maybe that’s the perfect excuse for me to finally start getting into them!

“Saviour” – George Ezra, First Aid Kit
Release Date – March 12

I was super excited to see that George Ezra collaborated with First Aid Kit – which, if you’ve read my blog before, you know how much I love FAK. I was originally not too interested in George Ezra’s newer music but now I’m getting amped for his second album release!

“Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” – Leon Bridges
Release Date – March 13

I got so excited to see that Leon Bridges released two new songs and I’m loving both of them! I think he did a really great job at building on the sound he created for his debut album but still experimented with other sounds for these songs. I definitely prefer this song over the other release, but I’m liking both! The album is out on May 4.

“Can’t Deny Me” – Pearl Jam
Release Date – March 13

For me being as into music as I am, I’m still very unfamiliar with Pearl Jam, but got super excited to see that their new song was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and that I also really enjoyed the song! They recently performed it at Lollapalooza Chile and dedicated it to the students from the Parkland shooting, which was really cool to see.

“Raw” – Sigrid
Release Date – March 14

I love everything that Sigrid releases and it’s always crazy when I realize how young she is. I’m really hoping she’s at Lolla this year!

“Can’t We Pretend” – Sorcha Richardson
Release Date – March 14

This song fits in perfectly with the style of music I tend to gravitate towards and I’m looking forward to listening to more of her discography.

“Inhale” – Duke Dumont, Ebenezer
Release Date – March 15

This song has such a great beat and I really think this song could be a commercial success, not sure if it will ever get radio play but it has an interesting retro vibe.

“Gimme A Break” – Nicole Miller
Release Date – March 15

The intro to this song is just so 1980s and I love the throwback feel. I do like a lot of female electronic indie pop music but sometimes I think it can get a little bit too common – like I don’t branch out enough to other genres of music, but something about this song really hooked me.

“Ungodly” – Baum
Release Date – March 16

I’ve written about Baum a handful of times and I was so excited to hear her debut EP that came out this week! With 5 tracks total, the EP has two new songs and “Ungodly” is one of them. I REALLY, REALLY want her to tour soon!

“Blaze of Glory” – Anne Lunoe
Release Date – March 16

I mean this in the best way possible when I say this song sounds like 2018 Ashlee Simpson. I really enjoy this song and think fans of Charli XCX and Icona Pop would dig it too.

“The Heart Is A Muscle” – Gangs of Youth
Release Date – March 16

I was really excited when I heard this song because I feel like it’s the genre that really got me passionate about music when I was younger, especially throughout high school. I love everything about this song and was excited to see that the band is playing in Chicago soon – but of course, I am seeing another band on the same day. I would recommend giving them a listen!

“Dig Deep” – Lxandra
Release Date – March 16

Loving the vocals on this track! Her voice sounds like someone else I can’t put my finger on, but I really like this song.

“Wasted” – ORKID
Release Date – March 16

This song has the exact same premise as that song that goes “I like us better when we’re wasted” but I like this one better…I guess that’s really not that great of an insight but it’s the truth. There’s a super cool key change towards the end that I really thought was a nice touch.

“I Wanna Know” – NOTD, Bea Miller
Release Date – March 16

I’ve been obsessing over Bea Miller since I listened to her recent album and think she was a great feature on this track. Added to my workout playlist!

“No Vacancy” – Rhys
Release Date – March 16

I’m really liking where alternative pop has been going in terms of sounding a little more soulful with electronic infused beats but I think it can get hard to stand out in such a crowded genre. I think the vocals of this song makes it stand out for sure.

“Butterscotch” – Robotaki, Jamie Fine, falcxne
Release Date – March 16

I love the vibe of this song and it’s unlike any of the other songs on the playlist, which makes it stand out on its own. It has so much soul!

“Strawberries & Cigarettes”- Troye Sivan
Release Date – March 16

I was so unbelievably excited to hear this song after I heard that Troye & Jack Antonoff collaborated for it! I could hear Jack’s influence in the very first seconds of the song and and I love the outcome. I low-key want to hear a version of the song performed by Jack because I think it would work perfectly.

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