New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 4/8/2018


Hey guys! Today has MANY songs to sift through – the amount of albums that dropped this past Friday is ridiculous – I still haven’t been able to listen to them all! Enjoy and be sure to keep up with my weekly round-up posts.

Tracks with * means a new album was out this week (hint – it’s a lot of them!)

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As always, in order of release date:

“Gentleman” – Gallant
Release Date – April 3

I’ve loved Gallant for at least two years and can’t believe I still haven’t had the opportunity to see him live. I think he has one of the best voices of our generation and wish he was getting bigger than he is. I feel like his career was at a standstill for awhile but I’m hoping this song will get him to the next level!

“On My Knees” – Middle Kids
Release Date – April 4

I’m not going to lie, it took me a few listens to like this song – Middle Kids is one of my favorite acts I’ve discovered over the last year and I’ve loved everything that they’ve released thus far. This is a little bit of a different sound but I definitely caught on! Their debut album is out later this month and they’re playing a show at Lincoln Hall in June (someone go with me, please!)

“Don’t Let Me Down” – Sabrina Claudio ft. Khalid
Release Date – April 4

I have a complicated relationship with Khalid because I think he’s great and super talented but worry he’s getting to the point of overexposure. He’s on so many new tracks as a featured singer – great for his career – but it sort of takes away his unique factor. I definitely loved this song and am still wanting to listen to more of Sabrina Claudio.

“Mansion Door” – Shakey Graves
Release Date – April 4

I really love everything that Shakey Graves puts out and this song is no exception. I’m wishing I grabbed tickets to see their show at The Vic this may but it’s sold out. Is anyone going/

“Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” – Bear Hands
Release Date – April 5

Bear Hands is such an interesting group to me and I had no idea that they were even releasing new music but it was a pleasant surprise. I’m hoping to hear a new album from them soon!

“Must Have Been” – Chromeo ft. DRAM
Release Date – April 5

I’ve heard a handful of Chromeo songs and enjoy them – they’re more of an entertaining band for me more than something that I listen to when I want to relate to the music or feel specific emotions from a song. That doesn’t take anything away from them – it’s just how I feel about them. I think the collab with DRAM was a genius pairing and I would be shocked if this song doesn’t get any radio play this summer.

“Sugar & Spice” – Hatchie
Release Date – April 5

I heard a song by Hatchie – called “Sure,” probably in the fall of last year and was hoping to hear more from her soon. I am absolutely obsessed with this song – I think if anyone asked me what my preferred style & sound of music, it would be everything about this song. I’m really hoping to hear more from her soon.

“Violet City” – Mansionair
Release Date – April 5

This song really reminds me a lot of Flor – a band that released one of my favorite albums of 2017. I think they did a good job creating a lot of build-up and anticipation during the beginning of the song that kept my interest to keep listening and their sound and style makes me think they can do big things in the next year or so.

“Vignette” – Shallou
Release Date – April 5

I’ve loved everything Shallou has put out this far and am even more of a fan of him since I know he’s based in Chicago. I’m really surprised that he’s not playing Lolla this year – being a local and all. His music makes me want to dance!

“The Way Things Change” – Yellow Days
Release Date – April 5

I found it funny that there are two bands on the list this week with “yellow” in their name. Regardless, neither of the artists sound remotely similar. I hear a lot of influences in this song ranging from classic rock to R&B to psychedelic pop – like Glass Animals – and I think that’s a really interesting combination. This is another band that I have never heard of so I’m definitely going to make a note to listen to more of their stuff.

“Lash Out” – Alice Merton
Release Date – April 6

Alice Merton had her huge smash hit with the song “Roots” and honestly, I didn’t love it. I understood the hype around it but I definitely prefer this song over that one!

“I Don’t Even Know Why Though” – Alina Baraz*
Release Date – April 6

I definitely say this a lot about different artists but Alina is another artist that I really want to explore more! And of course, another artist on this list that just dropped an entire album. I really have a lot of music to sift through. The production on this track in particular really drew me in.

“Campire” – Aminé
Release Date – April 6

Aminé is the exception to my “I don’t like most rap” rule because he’s never released a song I didn’t enjoy. This one is just under two minute and I wish it was longer but that makes me appreciate it that much more.

“Seagull” – Aquilo
Release Date – April 6

This song makes me want to drive to California and sit next to the ocean on a cloudy day. I love the vibes – as always from them – and would really recommend listening to more of their music. This song seems a little more folk influenced to me, which I like.

“Drive Away” – The Brummies* ft. Kacey Musgraves
Release Date – April 6

The duet between The Brummies (I’ve never even heard of them but they dropped an album on April 6 as well) and Kacey Musgraves is truly beautiful! Kacey is one of my current favorites and I think they made a great pair on this song. If you’re into the folky country rock sort of thing, this is for you.

“Be Careful” – Cardi B.
Release Date – April 6

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I started to listen to Cardi’s album. I don’t enjoy most rap music but I really love this song! I ended up liking about half of the album, which to me, is a success, since it’s music I generally don’t enjoy listening to. This song is a bit softer and still packs a punch, which I really love.

“Voices” – Ellevator
Release Date – April 6

We all know I’m a sucker for 80s sounds, and this song was a great example of this track. I think the lead singer has a great voice – the overall vibe reminds me of a combo of Wolf Alice and The Aces – hard and soft at the same time.

“A Good Night” – John Legend ft. Bloodpop
Release Date – April 6

Wow – John Legend did it again. I think this one of my favorite songs on the list. The song has such an infectious beat and I am obsessed with the production and mixing on this song. Bloodpop did a couple remixes that I enjoyed and some I didn’t enjoy as much – so I was curious to see how this song was going to turn out. I’m glad I like it as much as I do!

“Go To Sleep” – Kailee Morgue, Bearson
Release Date – April 6

I heard Kailee Morgue’s music a couple months ago and think she’s really interesting. When I saw that she was featured on a new track, I had a feeling I would like it. The first time I heard this song I was able to get a mental picture of what she was singing about which was a really awesome storytelling quality that I enjoyed a lot about the song.

“What’s It Like Now” – Mikky Ekko
Release Date – April 6

I’m honestly so confused as to how Mikky Ekko still isn’t this huge superstar – especially after he had a HUGE successful song with Rihanna. Regardless, I’ve been a fan of a lot of the music he’s put out and I think this song could definitely push him over the edge in terms of popularity. I’m definitely going to try to see him at Lolla this year!

“Not Over You” – Molly Kate Kestner
Release Date – April 6

I must be missing out on something because this artist has almost 500,000 likes on Facebook. Don’t let the album artwork push you away from this track – it looks pretty corny but she has real pipes.

“Howlin” – Naomi Wild
Release Date – April 6

I stumbled upon Naomi after she was featured on a song with Odesza – called Higher Ground. I think she has a great voice and I love that a week or so after I heard the collab, she released solo music. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

“Story” – Odie
Release Date – April 6

This guy has such a great voice – I was hooked immediately after he started singing. Parts of his sound reminds me a lot of Kid Cudi. Listen to it and let me know if you hear that too!

“To June This Morning” (Johnny Cash: Forever Words) – Ruston Kelly, Kacey Musgraves
Release Date – April 6

I guess I’m a huge Kacey Musgraves fan now because she’s featured on this playlist twice and I featured tracks from her March 30 release over the past few weeks. I’m obsessed with this cover and it makes me feel lousy for not knowing more Johnny Cash songs. It’s so well done!

“Disco Yes” – Tom Misch* ft. Poppy Ajudha
Release Date – April 6

I was too excited for Tom Misch’s debut album to drop on April 6 – and this is probably my favorite track off of the album. The entire album flows really beautifully from start to finish and I still think that Misch is creating music that sounds like nothing else that’s out there right now. I strongly suggest you listen to it!

“On The Low” – Tove Styrke
Release Date – April 6

I think I first started listening to Tove after she was touring with Bleachers for awhile last fall – and knew she would be getting traction after she toured with Lorde for a few weeks during her North American tour. She doesn’t have too many songs out at the moment – but I think this one is a great addition to her catalog. It has a light and airy quality to it that I find intriguing – especially in her voice.

“Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays” – Unknown Mortal Orchestra*
Release Date – April 6

I’ve listened to Unknown Mortal Orchestra casually in the past but something about this song really got me hooked on their sound. Another artist on the list that has just released a full length album this week – if this song is a represents their overall sound I think I will really enjoy it! They have some groovy vibes that I’m into.

“Symmetry” – Wye Oak*
Release Date – April 6

I had never heard of this band before I found this song on the New Music Friday playlist – it turns out that they just released a new album. I was so into the song above that I knew I had to listen to the entire release – and I’m truly obsessed! I love finding new bands that I’ve never heard of and falling in love with their sound and this was a perfect instance where this happened. 10/10 would recommend!

“Villain” – Yellow Claw, Valentina
Release Date – April 6

I don’t know much about Yellow Claw – I had heard of them before but never did much digging. One of my music flaws is that I always assume EDM / house music / whatever you want to call it all sounds the same, but I would not really classify Yellow Claw (or this song) as the style of EDM that I tend to dislike. I would think that this is more like house music? Maybe someone can clarify for me. Either way, I really like it!

Thanks for reading! With such a big list, I hope you find something you like.

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– Kristin

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