New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 4/15/2018


Happy Sunday! I didn’t hear as many songs I was really into this week, but I’m excited to share some gems I found! Enjoy.

In order of release date:

“Looking For Love” Acoustic – Birdtalker

Release Date – April 6

I stumbled onto Birdtalker a few months ago and love their sound! The acoustic version of this song is so beautiful and they have amazing harmonies. The band played a show at Schuba’s a few months ago and sadly I didn’t go. I hope to see the Nashville-based band the next time they hit Chicago.

“Waves” – Dean Lewis, JordanXL
Release Date – April 6

Apparently the original version of this song is fairly popular (it went 3x platinum in Australia in 2017) but I don’t think I’ve ever heard it. I really like the remix! Side note – he’s currently touring with Sigrid, who’s also featured on this list.

“Finally Floating” – Hinds
Release Date – April 6

I am so obsessed with this band and I’m still annoyed with myself that their album was released a couple weeks ago and I still haven’t heard it. I love this song though and they’re playing a show in Chicago in a month. Anyone want to go with me?

“I Said Hi” – Amy Shark
Release Date – April 11

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Amy Shark does no wrong. I’ve fallen in love with every song she’s released and this is a beautiful addition to her catalog.

“Sky Full of Song” – Florence & The Machine
Release Date – April 12

Ladies and gents – she’s back! Wow, what an amazing song to return with. I listened to it a few times in a row right when it came out and I think I love the song even more every time I hear it. To my knowledge, there still isn’t a release date set for the album but I hope she doesn’t make us wait too much longer.

“Pink Politics” – Chaos Chaos
Release Date – April 13

If you could combine Haim & Muna and then make it electronic – that’s how I would describe Chaos Chaos. I can’t believe I have never heard of them because I’m super into their sound and they’ve been making music for awhile. Plus their biggest song has 20 million streams – clearly I’ve been missing out.

“Better Not” – Louis The Child, Wafia
Release Date April 13

I stumbled across Wafia a few months ago and really loved her debut EP – I was stoked to see that she was featured on a song with Louis The Child and know that it’s going to skyrocket her career. I really enjoy the collab.

“Never Ever” – The Rubens ft. Sarah
Release Date – April 13

I had heard The Rubens maybe 6 months or so ago and they sort of fell of my radar, but then I heard this song and realized how much I really liked them the first time I had heard their music! Plus it was cool to see that they did a duet with a female vocalist – Sarah – who has a pretty vague stage name (Sarah what?) Regardless – she has a great voice and I hope I figure out who she actually is.

“High Five” – Sigrid
Release Date – April 13

I’ve been waiting and waiting to see if Sigrid announces a debut album release and I’m still waiting. She’s been releasing new songs on the regular as singles and it’s driving me nuts! She’s super talented and just performed at Coachella. What are we waiting for?!

“Every Morning I Feel Like Running Away” – TOMI
Release Date – April 13

I heard a song by TOMI last year and never really followed up with her other music – but this is such a great single and I’m into it. Her voice reminds me a lot of the lead singer of Muna’s and hope to see more from her soon.

“Softens” – Wet
Release Date – April 13

I’m really digging the more romantic lovey-dovey singles that Wet have released for their new album – not as inherently sad as their 2016 album. Another band who I hope doesn’t make us wait too long for the next release.

You can follow the NMS playlist here and the archived version here.

Thanks for reading!

– Kristin

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