Summer 2018 Playlist

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Hey all!

I noticed that a few people have been recently viewing my Summer 2017 playlist so I figured it was time to share the beginning of my Summer 2018 playlist. Like I say with these posts, it’s always a work in progress so I can try to update this in a few weeks once the playlist gets longer. It’s hard to get inspired and discover new music when it’s gloomy outside (Chicago has had pretty chilly weather over the last few days) but I know this playlist will continue to grow once we have long-term sunshine.

I’ve been really busy with work and hope to get my Taylor Swift review up soon. I have a few shows coming up so we’ll see how I end up formatting my reviews. Keep an eye out!

Click here to follow it on Spotify. I’m going to add an asterisk the artists who have upcoming shows in Chicago.

In alphabetical order:

“Give Yourself a Try” – The 1975
“Waiting For You” – The Aces*
“Focus” – Allie X*
“Blaze of Glory” – Anna Lunoe
“Motherlove” – Bea Miller

“Ignore Me” – Betty Who
“Pomegranate” – Breakup
“Sad and Bored” – Bülow, Duckwrth
“Figure it out” – Chaos Chaos
“Unlock It” – Charli XCX ft. Kim Petras, Jay Park

“Graffiti” – Chvrches*
“Tokyo Nights” – Digital Farm Animals
“Sleep Forever” – Dreams We’ve Had
“Demons” – Felix Snow, Rozes
“Someone You’d Admire” – Fleet Foxes*

“Killing My Time” – G Flip
“306” – Honne
“Screwed” – Janelle Monae*, Zoë Kravitz
“Body Count” – Jessie Reyez*
“Shutter Island” – Jessie Reyez

“New Light” – John Mayer
“Better Not” – Wafia ft. Louis The Child
“Fallingwater” – Maggie Rogers
“Groceries” – Mallrat
“Texas” – Mallrat

“Reverse” – Maude Latour
“Shoot And Run” – Maude Latour
“Move” – Milo Greene
“Geyser” – Mitski*
“Gravity” – MNDR

“Thru Your Phone” – Morgan Saint*
“vital” – Morgxn*, Basecamp
“Knowme” – Now, Now*
“Four Winds” – Opia
“Closer” – POWERS

“Georgie” – POWERS
“The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)” – Sza, Calvin Harris
“Bloom” – Troye Sivan*
“See You Again” – Tyler the Creator*, Kali Uchis*
“Unbelievers” – Vampire Weekend*

I’ll be updating this soon!

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– Kristin

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