Fall Music Preview

Fall brings an exciting time for new music! On top of the ridiculous amount of tours that kick-off during this time of year, we get to hear new albums from a handful of artists looking to make their mark on the last few months of the year before 2019 begins (how scary is the fact that we’re approaching the end of 2018?!)

Below are a handful of noteworthy releases coming out in September, October & November. Did I miss any?


Milo GreeneAdult Contemporary

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: September 7
Why You Should Get Excited: Milo Greene is one of those bands I always use this anecdote for: I find a song or two I really like by a band and then become so consumed and distracted by other music that I forget to go back to the band’s other tunes. I hope that I break this cycle when Milo Greene’s third studio album. They’re also touring this fall.

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Paul McCartneyEgypt Station 

Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 7
Why You Should Get Excited: Do we really need a reason to be excited that Paul McCartney is releasing new music? He’s Paul McCartney! Despite my mixed feelings on his most recent single “Fuh You” – which is about exactly what it sounds like – I will be curious to see what else comes from the 76-year-old. His older single “Come On To Me” was a jam!

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Pale WavesMy Mind Makes Noises

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: September 14
Why You Should Get Excited: After touring with label mates The 1975 during 2017 and a stint of festival & tour dates in 2018, Pale Waves is finally releasing their debut album this fall after lots of singles and an EP. They’ve already released ten songs total – let’s hope there’s not too many repeats  of these singles on the debut.

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Christine and The QueensChris

Genre: Pop
Release Date: September 21
Why You Should Get Excited: I haven’t delved deep into Christine and The Queens’ discography but everything I’ve heard I have loved. With new singles “Doesn’t Matter,” “5 Dollars” and “La Marcheuse” (meaning “She Walks”) have set her up to have one of the most interesting releases of the year – not to mention that she will release two versions: one in French and one in English. If I have to wait more years to hear an album from Robyn, I think I’ll be okay with this one.

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St. LuciaHyperion

Genre: Pop
Release Date: September 21
Why You Should Get Excited: Who doesn’t love a good indie pop song with island vibes and danceable synths? St. Lucia’s 2016 release, Matter, brought them back onto the radar after a bit of a hiatus between their 2012 debut and Matter. I haven’t been the BIGGEST fan of the single releases so far, but songs like “Dancing On Glass” and “Elevate” make St. Lucia a force to be reckoned with in the electronic indie pop genre.

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ExesBefore You Go

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: October 5
Why You Should Get Excited: Indie pop harmonies about ex-boyfriends & girlfriends. What else is more relatable? Their sound and vibes are perfect for a fall release.

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Young The Giant / Mirror Master

Genre: Indie Pop
Release Date: October 12
Why You Should Get Excited: Young The Giant has arguably released some of the most consecutively cohesive sounding albums from the beginning to the current part of their career. I have never disliked a song that they have released and that says a lot. Does this mean they can finally make their return to Lollapalooza next year after their last performance in 2014? Fingers crossed!

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Empress OfUs 

Genre: Pop
Release Date: October 19
Why You Should Get Excited: With huge releases from a handful of minority women this year like Janelle Monáe, Kali Uchis and Mitski, we need to keep supporting them, especially the bilingual artists like Empress Of (real name Lorely Rodriguez). I’ve heard a few of her songs in passing – like her cover of Lana Del Rey’s “Love” (I genuinely thought it was her own song), her collaboration with the “it” boy of the year – Khalid – but her newest single “When I’m With Him” really got me hooked.

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TashaAlone At Last

Genre: Pop, soul
Release Date: October 19
Why You Should Get Excited: Chicago native Tasha has been a advocate for racial justice in Chicago for years. The self-proclaimed singer, songwriter & poet’s debut album is about “the radical political act of being exquisitely gentle with yourself.” Read more about Tasha & her music here.

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Boygenius / Boygenius

Genre: Indie folk / folk rock
Release Date: November 9
Why You Should Get Excited: Because it’s an amazing combo of three ridiculously talented females – Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus – collaborating for a joint album and tour…I honestly couldn’t dream this into existence.



What other releases I am hoping for this year…

  • An album from The 1975 to be released before the year ends. Rumor has it that they’ve been advertising it as a November 30 release.
  • From Indian Lakes to make a return with their 5th album after a two year gap and break.
  • Local Natives – one of my favorite bands and they’ve been recording in studio for months now.
  • Maggie Rogers has been teasing that her debut album is ready but has yet to announce a release date.
  • Robyn released a single “Missing U” after EIGHT years off the grid.
  • Vampire Weekend. After a RIDICULOUSLY long hiatus they recently played multiple songs through Ezra’s phone that needed to be mastered for the album (I witnessed this). Would expect it to drop before 2018 ends.

What do you want to hear before 2018 ends?

– Kristin

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