LISTEN: Deconstructing Maggie Rogers’ Heard It In A Past Life

Exciting news! I’ve taken a stab at starting my own podcast. This is the most BASIC form of editing and production and I have NOT come up with a name, logo, etc. Carrying on with this will depend upon the reaction of this initial episode, and I’d love any and all feedback!

I decided to start w/ Maggie’s album for a couple reasons, you can hear that in the intro of the episode.

I mentioned a few things in the episode that I wanted to link in the post, so here they are below:

Maggie Rogers – Blood Ballet EP

Stevie Nicks song reference
– Christine Blasey Ford moment

Here are our favorites after the discussion. Note that my order has changed a bit since we recorded…


  1. Alaska
  2. Back In My Body
  3. Retrograde
  4. Overnight
  5. Say It
  6. Burning
  7. Light On
  8. The Knife
  9. On + Off
  10. Fallingwater
  11. Give A Little
  12. Past Life


  1. Burning
  2. Say It
  3. Fallingwater
  4. Overnight
  5. The Knife
  6. On + Off
  7. Back In My Body
  8. Retrograde
  9. Alaska
  10. Give A Little
  11. Light On
  12. Past Life

Thank you soooooooooo much if you listened! Please give me feedback anywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, I don’t care! But leaving a comment below is probably the easiest.

Shoutout to Nic for being featured in the first episode. Follow him on Twitter & IG.

Shoutout to my friend Josiah for helping me with audio production and letting me use one of his songs as the intro tune that you hear in the beginning of this episode. Stream his music here.

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