12 Pop Songs That’ll Kick Your Butt During A Workout


I’ve been wanting to update my workout playlist post for awhile, but I decided to just do a new post about some of the pop songs I’ve been listening to during my workouts that help me push through. I just recently started training for my second half marathon and my  workout playlist definitely needed a face lift. A few of these are songs that I’ve relied on for my long runs for awhile – some over a year old, and some are new ones that I’ve really enjoyed listening to.

I generally try to speed up my run during the choruses because most of them pick up heavily there, and it helps me complete that 30 seconds or so of a run. The upbeat tempo of these songs are easy to run to, which is always nice.

You can follow my Workout Playlist on Spotify here. There’s a good mixture of rap, EDM, pop, rock, etc. but the pop songs are what I wanted to highlight.

In alphabetical order:

“Weight Of Living Pt. II” – Bastille

This song has been one of my favorite pop songs to work out to for years – I used to be obsessed with Bastille and this song is for sure one of my favorites of theirs. It’s high energy from start to finish and I tend to listen to it at the beginning of my workout so it can keep me energized and I try to keep up with the tempo as best as I can.

“Copycat – Sofi Tukker Remix” – Billie Eilish

Copycat is probably my favorite Billie Eilish song – but the original isn’t nearly as energetic as the remix by Sofi Tukker. If you’re looking for a song with a strong build up to the bridge, THIS IS IT.

“Clearest Blue” – CHVRCHES

Clearest Blue has been on my workout playlist for at least three years – I always play it the second to last during my workout because it’s really the moment where you need to push through the most before you can cool down and catch your breath again. If you’ve ever done any type of cycling/spin class, I consider this the time where you have one song left to give the workout all you have before you slow yourself down for the last 3 or 4 minutes.

“Loyal Like Sid & Nancy” – Foster The People

Like I mentioned how “Clearest Blue” is the song I listen to at the absolute peak of my workout, this one is the one I listen to when I’m finishing up. When I first started running long distances about a year and a half ago, this is the song I would put on at the end of my run to help me finish without giving up – it’s cool to look at the progress I’ve made.

“Fast As You Can” – Joyeur

I can’t remember how I first heard this song, but it came to me right when I was starting to train for my first half marathon and it fit so well with the task at hand. Now I make sure to always have it on my queue when I’m running. It’s a bit of a slower tempo song (still upbeat, nonetheless), so it’s the perfect song to listen to right when you find your pace during a long run.

“Trash” – Model Child

This song just recently came out but I instantly added it to my workout playlist. It’s fun and goofy and a great song that will get your blood pumping. I listened to it at the beginning of my run last night and it was a great intro song for a workout.

“Old School Love – Franklin Remix” – NEIKED, SHY Nodi

I really don’t have much groundbreaking commentary on this song except it’s the perfect workout track. The song is catchy on its own and the remix aspect of it makes it upbeat and easy to move to.

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

I have a love/hate relationship with having this song on my workout playlist because it’s one of my favorite songs ever and sometimes I don’t want to think about running 6 miles while I just want to listen to it casually. But it’s such a good pump up song will forever be a workout playlist staple.

“Grip – Jay Pryor Remix” – Seeb, Bastille, Jay Pryor

I didn’t really love this song before I heard the remix, as I think I’ve preferred Bastille’s older music compared to their newer releases. But I think I am drawn to this song because the verses really build to this cool breakdown of a chorus and the EDM remix makes you feel pumped to take on a faster part of your run.

“GO!” – Santigold ft. Karen O

I first heard this song on an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale and ever since it’s made me feel like such a badass when I run to it! It’s so good and makes me feel powerful – what more could you want from a workout soundtrack? I tend to listen to it towards the beginning of my run to help me get started on the right foot (no pun intended).

“Mi Rumba” – Sofi Tukker, ZHU

There is something about Sofi Tukker’s music that has always been interesting to me. I really like their song “Batshit” and that’s another one that’s been on my Workout Playlist for awhile. This is an interesting one since it collabs with Zhu and I LOVE the trumpets. Definitely a great addition to my queue.

“Physical” – St. Lucia

If I’m being honest, I never loved this song on this St. Lucia album – it’s really repetitive and I don’t like that as a characteristic in 99% of songs. But it’s a GREAT song to keep you running since it has a really fast tempo throughout and has a great bridge. I always try to put this song in the queue about halfway through – it’s the song that helps me get through the hardest part of my workout.

Thanks again for reading! You can see my full Workout Playlist here.

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