New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday – 6/30/2019

Happy Pride Weekend in Chicago! That’s a reason why this post is going up so late – but it’s also because my laptop won’t turn on and I fear that it’s dead beyond repair.

I’ve shortened the post to include 10 of my favorite songs from this week – you can see all of them on the weekly playlist here. That way you can see this post sooner since I’m publishing it so late.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Let’s Rock – The Black Keys
Case Study 01 – 
Daniel Ceasar
Inner Monologue Pt 2 – Julia Michaels

In order of release date:

“Forever Half Mast” – Lucy Dacus
Release Date – June 24

“Red Hearse” – Red Hearse
Release Date – June 26

“This Life” – Spotify Singles – Vampire Weekend
Release Date – June 26

“Closer To You” – Clairo
Release Date – June 27

“Kitchen” – Annie Hamilton
Release Date – June 28

“Glitter” – BENEE
Release Date – June 28

“The Subway Song” – Delacey
Release Date – June 2

“Hurt Again” – Julia Michaels
Release Date – June 28

“Checkmate” – Conan Gray
Release Date – June 28

“Who” – MUNA
Release Date – June 28

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