End of Summer 2019 Music Preview

I hate accepting the fact that summer 2019 is coming to an end…here in Chicago, we got a lot of super chilly weather into mid-June and I’m not ready for the warmth to leave just yet! Since the weather here is so incredibly unpredictable, we can easily have 80 degree weather for another month, but it can also cool off into the fall weather a month from now, too. You never really know.

This is a really exciting time for music and I’m already looking forward to more fall tour announcements. My October is looking a little overwhelming in the best way possible!

Below are a handful of album releases coming up within the next month to look forward to as well as my wish list for albums that could possibly be released this year…but probably not. Overall, I haven’t seen much information on albums being released past the dates below, so stay tuned on potentially one more similar post on fall releases.

In order of release date:

August 16

Red Hearse – Red Hearse (Jack Antonoff, Sam Dew, Sounwave)

The collaboration between Jack, Sam and Sounwave (those second to who, if I’m being honest, are people I had never heard of prior to this) came to a surprise to Bleachers fans – and though I haven’t dug deep into the origin of this new group, I’ve liked all of the singles they’ve released thus far. I do know now that these three people all played a role in producing St. Vincent’s album Masseduction in 2017. Though I’ve been hoping to see a new album by Bleachers this year, this will definitely hold me over until then.

forevher – Shura

Shura’s debut album came out over three years ago and despite seeing a ton of positive reviews on it across the board, it seemed to sort of fade into the background more than I anticipated. It’s wild to me that Shura was never on any sort of Chicago music festival lineup between then and now – and I definitely thought she’d be at Lolla this year. However, I’m super excited to see what this second album is all about. She’ll be in Chicago in October, too.

The Center Won’t Hold – Sleater-Kinney

I have to admit I’m a newcomer when it comes to Sleater-Kinney but I’ve been SUPER into the singles the band has released for the album thus far. The entire album is also produced by St. Vincent which automatically means it’s going to be amazing. Sleater-Kinney has two shows in Chicago at The Vic Theater later this year.

August 23

Anak Ko – Jay Som

Jay Som has continued to release songs that I enjoy in passing but I haven’t had the experience of sitting down and fully delving deep into her discography. I’m excited to check out this body of work and see if she lives up to the hype. She’s another one touring and will be in Chicago this fall!

Sleepyhead – LaLa LaLa

I’ve really enjoyed LaLa LaLa’s work, though it’s a bit more rock heavy than most of the music I generally gravitate towards to – but I really like learning about the origins of their music and the background context to what drives them to be creators. I’ve been so focused on Taylor Swift’s album coming out today that I didn’t realize this was another album dropping, too!

Lover – Taylor Swift

Do I really need to explain why I’m excited for this album to come out? It’s Taylor’s longest album to DATE, rumored to have a Dixie Chicks collaboration and a TON of music produced by Jack Antonoff. I’m really hoping this album is more up my alley than reputation was.

August 31

Norman Fucking Rockwell – Lana Del Rey

I was a HUGE Lana fan when I was moody in high school and my passion for her faded pretty fast as I got older. I love Born To Die a lot and I’m hoping to feel as excited about this album as I was with that one. I think her collaboration with Jack Antonoff in the studio will get me there.

Forever Turned Around – Whitney

I have loved every single Whitney has released thus far for this album cycle and really enjoyed their set at Pitchfork earlier this summer. I think this could end up being one of my favorite albums of the year. Also always wanting to support Chicago-based acts!

September 6

beginnings, girl in red

While I’m not entirely sure if this is an album or EP release, I’ve been waiting awhile for girl in red to release something new that isn’t just another single. I can see her being on the level of Billie Eilish a year from now and I can’t believe she’s still floating under the radar as much as she seems to be. I’ll be at her show in Lincoln Hall in September.

ley lines – flor

flor’s debut album was one of my favorites in 2017 and they are a group that has never released a song I don’t like (so far). I’m excited to see how their sound has continued to develop and mature more, as I think their singles from earlier this year have sounded a lot more refined and specific to them.

saves the world – Muna

UGH. Muna released my favorite album in 2017 – ahead some of my favorite artists like Taylor Swift, Lorde and Bleachers – so you understand how AMPED I am to hear their follow up. I’m expecting to be blown away by this album.

September 13

Charli – Charli XCX

I enjoy Charli XCX as a human but I haven’t been a huge fan of all of her music. Regardless I think some of her more recent releases, like her collab with Christine and the Queens for “Gone,” has been some of her best work yet. By the time this article is posted, we’ll be waiting to hear another collab with Sky Ferriera, which I’m absolutely AMPED for.

Good Luck, Kid – Joseph

When Joseph released their first single for this album, they revealed that the band (made up of three sisters) almost broke up. That shook me to my CORE, considering how much I’ve loved their work over the past few years. I’m really excited and curious to hear if these issues with the band and friendship between the sisters are ideas being explored on the album.

Hypersonic Missiles – Sam Fender

I’ve talked about Sam Fender a few times on my blog and I’m super super amped to check out his debut album in just about a month! Fresh off of his debut at Lollapalooza, Sam just announced a fall North American tour to promote his debut album. I’m still calling it that he’s going to be massive a year from now.

My wish list for end of 2019 album release announcements:

  • Bleachers: seems the most unlikely since Jack has been in the studio producing other albums so much this year and will be dropping the Red Hearse album tomorrow (August 16).
  • From Indian Lakes: One of my favorite bands who has dropped a new single a few weeks ago and another one coming tomorrow.
  • King Princess: Seems more likely for early 2020 but anything’s possible.
  • Overcoats: They’ve been teasing new music on social media lately.
  • Vérité: She’s also released a few singles in 2019 so far with another tomorrow.

Thanks for reading, as always!
– Kristin

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  1. Love this rundown!!!! I’m definitely excited for a large majority of these !!!!!

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