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Artist Of The Month – Alexander 23

It’s that time of the year again! I’ve been super excited about this Q&A for awhile now and couldn’t share the news until the post was published! Alexander 23 is one of my favorite breakout stars of the year and I’m thrilled that I had the opportunity to share his thoughts with my readers. I hope you enjoyed the piece and go check out his music if you haven’t already.
Hometown: Deerfield, Illinois
Genre: Indie pop
For Fans Of: Lauv, Jeremy Zucker, Isaac Dunbar

Why You Should Care: I can usually tell when I like a song during the first listen, but there are only a select few tracks that completely blow me away during a first listen. This is exactly how I felt when I first heard Alexander 23’s debut single, “Dirty AF1s.” I was so drawn to “Dirty AF1s” because of the sentiment of the song. There’s always something you do “before” you meet someone and how the “after” is so entirely different, almost as if you’ve gone through a personal transformation of sorts after a relationship affects you and everything around you.


Released in the spring, I started searching all corners of the internet to find where this mysterious artist came from, as it seemed like he appeared on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist out of thin air. Alexander Glantz has been in the game for awhile, touring and performing in bands playing drums, guitar and vocals, but ventured out as a solo artist earlier this year. Alexander 23 made his mark over the summer with a handful of catchy singles, stints touring with Alec Benjamin and mxmtoon, and even performing at Lollapalooza this year.

Alexander 23’s debut EP, “Sorry I Love You” drops in two days. Depending on when you are reading this, it’s October 25. He’ll be performing a few shows with Lolo Zouaï in Europe next month and shows with Omar Apollo in December.

Check out my Q&A with Alexander 23 below:

Chicago Haze: While you are still in the initial stages of releasing music as a solo artist, what did you take from your previous musical endeavors into this journey as a solo artist? Is there anything different or similar to the process?


Alexander 23: A lot of mistakes from my past have definitely informed the decisions I’m making today. Being a solo artist now is definitely a new challenge. The lows can be lower, but the highs feel so good knowing that you made it happen for yourself.

Chicago Haze: I think you have mastered the ability to release singles (thus far) that all sound unique to you as a musician but they don’t all sonically sound the same. Is there a certain way that you start the songwriting process, and can you elaborate on that?

Alexander 23: Thank you! When I’m writing and producing, I chase a feeling rather than a specific soundscape or melodic structure. I think that way my songs end up being sonically diverse, but still cohesive.

Chicago Haze: You are currently touring with mxmtoon and previously toured with Alec Benjamin. How was that experience performing for people who may not be familiar with your music? What do you hope new fans take away from your live shows?

Alexander 23: It’s a super unique and interesting task.  I try to arrange the songs in a way where the audience can kinda learn the song along the way.  I just hope fans leave the shows feeling like they had a break from the stresses of their lives.

Chicago Haze: I think your most recent track “See You Later” has a universal message but definitely can be applicable to a variety of personal experiences. I think that quality of songwriting is some of the strongest. What do you hope fans feel from this song?

Alexander 23: I really hope that what people take away from the song is how powerful the feeling of missing someone is. That feeling should be so cherished. To love someone to the point that you actively wish you were with them when you’re not is such a beautiful thing.

Chicago Haze: Last question! Since we are both from the Chicagoland area, I have to plug our music scene. Is there a specific venue in the city that you would like to play most?

Alexander 23: Love it, yes!!! I have always wanted to play Schubas! Hopefully, I’ll get there soon. 

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