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Emily Blue Paints an Ambient Landscape in “Aperture”

Since the live events industry screeched to a halt, artists have been trying to manufacture the magic they’re usually able to give to their fans in concerts. Chicago-based electro-pop singer Emily Blue’s recent single “Aperture,” with its lush production and vulnerable lyrics, is one of those rare tracks that unfolds into an entire universe in just three minutes. For listeners growing weary of low-quality Instagram Live concerts, “Aperture” might pack the ambient punch they’ve been missing during this time of solitude. Though it could never replace a live show, “Aperture” manages to send listeners to a vibrant landscape through their earbuds.

98F17C2F-E3EF-4259-B5CA-49EFADDFF191Emily Blue, the Chicago Reader’s reigning “Best Pop Artist,” got her start with audacious, experimental pop that confronts injustice—her debut album title Another Angry Woman hints at the attitude behind her early music. “Aperture” might seem subtle in comparison, but it certainly isn’t simple. The cascading synths color the song like bold brush strokes on a canvas, and Blue’s vocal control takes center stage as the song ebbs and flows. The track’s metallic sheen translates to the lyrics too. The first verse has Blue “wasted naked” on a “silver shore,” and in the second, her face is carved in gold. The song’s sonic universe is rich, elaborate, and multi-dimensional, offering listeners a chance to transport themselves into its lush terrain. And let’s be honest- we could all use a glittery escape right now.

Fans of bold, left-of-center pop artists like FKA Twigs, Grimes, or Bjork should keep their eyes on Emily Blue. Though she’s proven she can be a fearless storyteller in her earlier work, her foray into a new kind of vulnerability is worth the listen. 

Emily Blue plans to release new tracks in the coming weeks. In the meantime, stream “Aperture” on your preferred streaming platform now. 

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