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Energy is Everything, and Beach Riot is Raring to Go

Let’s face it – you’re over 2020 and are turning your attention to next year. Well, buckle in and mark your calendars, because Beach Riot has announced their first full-length album, set to release on all digital streaming platforms in June of 2021. 

Never heard of Beach Riot?  

If you haven’t, imagine the product of tossing those fuzzy guitar riff staples of Green Day, Linkin Park and traces of Nirvana into a melding pot with voices akin to Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and Echosmith’s Sydney Sierota.  

I know, I didn’t believe it either. But after test-driving their discography—I’m hooked. 

The first track from impending album Subatomic Party Cool released on November 25, perfectly encapsulating the essence of Beach Riot. You’ll be bobbing your head to the infectious tempo of “Blush” in no time at all. Lofty vocals, comparable to nursery-rhymes, are paired with an inescapable bombastic riff. Nothing is left to the imagination, as the drums complete the track by adding another layer of intensity and fun.  

The quartet explains how this track is intended to take listeners, “down a desert highway in some far-away escapist world.” This sentiment aligns with their goals of, “writing hooky, loud, fuzz laden pop tunes that make people lose their minds” (Spotify).  

After scouring their discography, I can ratify and confirm that their vision is realized within each track. Each entry packs its own unique punch—demonstrating the depth and creativity of this emerging quartet. 

In a press email from the band, guitarist and vocalist Rory O’Connor stated how, “recording the album was the most cathartic medicine [he] could have ever hoped for in an otherwise desperately terrifying and uncertain time.” O’Connor and his bandmates are ready to share their efforts with fans in a few months’ time. 

To say that I am amped for Subatomic Party Cool is a gross understatement. Beach Riot is preparing for an explosive return to the live circuit, and with several new tracks added to their arsenal, their energetic resurgence will be nothing less than contagious next summer. More information regarding their UK Tour Schedule is listed below: 

It is uncommon for me to fall for a band as quickly as I have fallen for Beach Riot. Simply put, their tone is everything I never knew I wanted. Now, I can’t imagine living without it. 

Interested in learning more about Beach Riot? Consider giving them a follow on socials: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

Additionally, you can peep our exclusive interview with Beach Riot’s very own Rory O’Connor below:

Chicago Haze: What brought your group together?

O’Connor: I was in a completely different band, getting a mega itchy feeling to start something much more like what I actually love, which is loud, fuzzy, catchy noisy bangers. I started writing some tunes and thought fuck it, who do I know to help me record these!? I’d been in a band with Jimma our bassist before, so I called him up and luckily he was jamming with the worlds best drummer (Jonny). I knew I wanted the band to be a duel vocal girl / guy thing… the world doesn’t need more lad bands, so I asked around and found Cami via a pal. And that, was basically that. 

CH: Are there any artists that you draw inspiration from?

O’Connor: Demob Happy, Sleater Kinney, Hole, Nirvana, QOTSA, Cable, Buddy Holly, the Stranglers. At least that was our starting point. 

CH: You mention that writing Subatomic Party Cool was “a cathartic medicine.” Can you elaborate on that sentiment?

O’Connor: It’s just been such a shit show of a year, with no real end in sight until the amazing vaccine news recently, so having the album to focus on really helped us all have that focus that our band was still relevant and had a purpose. Playing live really is where the band thrives and obviously that’s been completely taken away from us. 

CH: How does Beach Riot’s chemistry influence the creative process?

O’Connor: Normally I’ll write a full tune, or Jimma, and we’ll demo it up and send it round the gang, then get to a sound heck and hash it out, and if it’s sounds great we’ll play it, then refine it over the shows / on more demos. We all jump in and take the tunes through the mill, give them a good cuddle, and hopefully come out with a banger. The songs are getting much more refined compared to what we started as, which I’m loving. 

CH: Are any of you fans of dogs? If so, what are some of your favorite breeds? 

O’Connor: I’d say we’re maybe more cat people (apart from Cami), but if we had to pick then a good old border collie is what you want. Or a nice smooshy floofy spaniel.

CH: What should fans, both new and old alike, look forward to upon Subatomic Party Cool’s release in June 2021?

O’Connor: SEXY FUZZY LOUD ENERGETIC POP NOISE. With a couple of unexpected dreamy gems thrown in that you might not think we’d have in the collection.

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