Make Room For Newcomer Singer-Songwriter Laufey, She’s Here to Stay

There are lots of ways to have a big break in the music business, but one surefire way to get some new ears listening to your music is to have Billie Eilish, with more than 77 million followers on Instagram, share a video of you performing on her Instagram Story. That’s what happened to Icelandic-Chinese singer-songwriter Laufey after she covered Eilish’s “My Future,” but she’s also seen a lot of success with her debut single “Street by Street,” which has racked up more than a million plays on Spotify.

Now she’s released her second single, “Best Friend,” off of her upcoming debut EP, “Typical of Me,” which will be released on April 30. 

“Best Friend” captures the innocence and fun of falling in love in a confessional way reminiscent of Taylor Swift, or more recently Olivia Rodrigo, but that’s where any comparison to the two pop stars stops. Put Laufey in any old-school jazz club, when COVID restrictions allow that, of course, and she won’t feel out of place vocally and musically. 

Although this is her first release, Laufey is no stranger to performing in front of a big crowd, like a really big crowd, as she has competed on both “Iceland’s Got Talent,” where she was a finalist in 2014, as well as reaching the semi-finals of “The Voice Iceland” in 2015.

She’s a classically-trained musician, having performed with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15, and having attended Boston’s Berklee College of Music, and that classical training is evident within “Best Friend,” in which she scats along like she belongs on stage with the Rat Pack.

Laufey’s music is old-school and jazzy, but with fresh and personal lyrics, making her likability wide-ranging.  To find out more about Laufey and “Best Friend,” follow the singer on Twitter or Instagram.

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