Maths Time Joy and Thirdstory’s Rich Collaborate on New Song “Change”

It’s always a sight to see a well-known, successful producer decide to release their own music as an artist. Julia Michaels has been releasing music sporadically on her own for years now, finding incredible success with the song “Issues,” but has only released two EPs, each with less than 10 tracks. Her next project drops on April 30. British producer Fred Gibson just released his debut LP under the moniker Fred Again..and is on the road to positive acclaim. 

Time to cue Maths Time Joy, a Grammy-nominated producer who has worked with the likes of Gallant, Mahalia, Sinead Hartnett and more. He’s set to release a new project soon, being described as a series of collaborations with Rich, who is best known for his work releasing music under Refs and being one-third of the group Thirdstory (who has toured, worked, and produced with Chance the Rapper). 

Thanks to the COVID pandemic, MTJ and Rich have only ever met once in person, though their musical chemistry is undeniable. The first of several songs, “Change,” was born from the moment Rich realized he was in an abusive relationship. The melody was inspired by folk songs he had grown up singing with his family. Fans of Thirdstory will be happy to hear that Rich’s vocal work in “Change” ring true to the trio’s style and soul. Pairing Rich’s incredible musicianship and vocal abilities with MTJ’s multifaceted production talent, this duo is one not to be missed. 

“Change” is out now, stream it on your preferred platform here.

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