New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday: The Best 5 Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 10

Welcome back to the tenth iteration of New Music Sunday! You know the drill — we sift through this week’s latest releases; you find some new tracks to enjoy. Let us help you kick this summer off right.

Noteworthy albums & EP releases:

Our Extended Play, beabadoobee
Deadpan Love, Cautious Clay
Canyon, Ellie Holcomb
I Know I’m Funny Haha, Faye Webster
Planet Her, Doja Cat
YS Collection Vol. 1, Logic
Home Video, Lucy Dacus
CINEMA, The Maria’s
The Golden Casket, Modest Mouse
Cyclorama, Polo & Pan
Death of A Cheerleader, Pom Pom Squad
CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, Tyler, The Creator

“Distorted Light Beam” – Bastille
Release Date – June 23

It’s been approximately sixty days since fans last heard from bombastic indie pop-rock quartet Bastille. The quartet punches their latest ticket toward airwave security with “Distorted Light Beam.” This single checks all of the boxes for a summer hit — a territory quite familiar for the group. The message echoes loud and clear, as Dan Smith’s vocals menacingly and unrelentlessly grip your attention. The instrumentation adds to this bass-laden dreamscape that teeters on the verge of reality and distortion. Extremely catchy, inspirational and relatively thought-provoking, this song deserves to soar toward the top ten this summer.

“Cologne” – beabadoobee
Release Date – 23

“Cologne” throws you straight into the fire as the upcoming British bedroom-pop singer songwriter harnesses her talents. As the track progresses, an innocent love story spirals into a provocative obsession. The first verse begs for attention and oozes uncertainty, the second centralizes on the heat of the relationship, and the third exudes confidence and certainty — certainty that this perfumed-partner will not escape their admirer’s crosshairs. Linked by a groovy guitar rift, a monstrous bass drop, and a catchy chorus, “Cologne” should nestle its way into any of your pump-up, feel good playlists.

“Shook” – Cautious Clay
Release Date – June 23

One of the more reserved and groovy tracks on this list, “Shook” acts as the gateway to Cautious Clay’s latest release, Deadpan Love. This song enveloped my mind and triggered involuntary head bobs almost instantly. Clay glides along the slick beat, creating a monumental piece. Clay tends to loft his lyrics, so some of the impact may be lost in translation, but he rattles and prattles about moving away from a recent relationship’s end. The confidence and honesty Clay blasts on this track will transcend the test of time. Oh, and the remainder of Deadpan Love is a treat, too.

RBF: Part 1” – Julia Wolf
Release Date: June 23

Julia Wolf’s vocals and lyricism match her insurmountable confidence on her latest Spotify single “RBF: Part 1.” Wolf tells the herd to “take it or leave it” as she relies on her RBF for protection. The entire track acts as a vocal stiff arm as Wolf proclaims that she’s not here to be anyone’s ego booster. She’s not messing around — she’s done. Wolf advises any ill-hearted prospects to clear the way, and to do so quickly. Perhaps “RBF: Part 1” could join previously mentioned “Cologne” in your pump-up, feel good list.

“House Keys by Field Medic [COVER]” – Runnner
Release Date: June 23

As this week’s diamond in the rough, Runnner (not a typo) sprints away on his cover of “House Keys” by Field Medic. This is a wonderfully blissful and airy cover that pays wonderful homage to the original. Runnner has surmounted a budding following of just over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, which bodes well for his future. His solo jaunts hold a classic, country-folk vibe that is simply dreamlike. This cover is surely going to help inch him closer to his eventual spotlight. For now, enjoy his lofty yet impactful voice. You’ll be hearing more from Runnner soon enough; I’ll put a paycheck on it.

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