Listen to Soccer Mommy’s New One-Off Single “rom com 2004” Ahead of Upcoming Headline Tour

Just about anyone who grew up in the aughts knows the formula that makes an iconic romantic comedy from that decade—a beautiful movie star who can’t get her life together, a handsome actor playing a funny schlub or a too-perfect man who doesn’t believe in love, and the perfect song for a montage in the second act of the movie. 

Of course a lot of these movies are truly bad, but for an entire generation they’re iconic. At 24, Sophia Allison, also known as Soccer Mommy, is a part of that generation, and she pays tributes to the rom com and their often classically-nostalgic soundtracks in “rom com 2004,” her latest single.

“rom com 2004,” which was released today, is emerging alongside a uniquely-designed animated music video featuring people that look just like Miis—the avatars from the Nintendo Wii gaming system, another relic of the mid-aughts.

Soccer Mommy leads into “rom com 2004” with lo-fi verse, in which Allison sings about possible unrequited love before breaking into a semi-cleaner and catchy chorus that calls back to early 2000s pop-rock like Michelle Branch, but, of course, twinged with Soccer Mommy’s indie background.

Before the pandemic, Soccer Mommy had most recently toured with Vampire Weekend and opened for a few Wilco shows, as well as the pinnacle performance of all politically left-leaning artists during the last presidential campaign — she played at one of Bernie Sanders’ presidential rallies in 2020.

She’ll be embarking on a tour in support of “Color Theory,” Soccer Mommy’s second studio album that was released in 2020, later this year.

“rom com 2004” is being released as a one-off single and is available now.

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