R O N I Dazzles on New Single “Air In Love Out”

Today, New York-based, Jerusalem native R O N I released “Air In Love Out” – an anthemic, dazzling electronic single off her upcoming album “Afterglow,” out August 27th.

“Air In Love Out” is the first song R O N I has released since 2020’s spectacular EP Crown, and marks a significantly different sound from past music she’s released. Crown was slower and more emotional, sounding like it was pulled from a lucid stream of consciousness; but “Air In Love Out” sounds more electric, easily suited for underground clubs or house shows.

According to R O N I, “Air In Love Out” is a love song to Brooklyn’s queer underground culture – a community that felt like home to the Jerusalem native, a celebration of similarities and differences.

“I found a level of connection that needed no contact of any other form,” says R O N I. “An authentic, loving, and free expression of who we truly are, through our bodies, dancing like crazy in dark hazy dance halls. Inhaling air in and exhaling love out to everyone around you.”

Repetitive, electronic bass is consistent throughout the song, with R O N I given the appropriate space to flex her vocal abilities over subdued guitar. Much like R O N I’s other songs, the production itself is impeccable, thanks to R O N I’s close friend, collaborator and producer Nir Yatzkan. The production never does more than is necessary, but instead jumps from one point to the next, rising in complexity as the song progresses. There’s a certain confidence and ease in R O N I’s voice—as if she’s letting go or releasing—and choosing to succumb to her senses by opening the door to the potentials of closeness and intimacy.

Dance slow, body is ready

Air in, love out and repeat

Dance slow, eyes wide open

Breathing in strangers’ air

I know where you stand

But the ground under me just got cold

See you in the next round

The one thread of consistency across R O N I’s catalogue is this sense of magnetism, with music that draws you in with intricate production and powerful vocals. Although sonically different, “Air In Love Out” still sounds like more of what we’ve come to know and love from R O N I, with just a tinge of unpredictability.

Even though the entire world was in lockdown throughout 2020 and well into 2021, R O N I stayed busy, experimenting with improvisational sessions on Instagram Live for about an hour a day (more or less). Those who tuned into the sessions were given the opportunity to recommend themes that R O N I would then weave into loops, hooks or spur-of-the-moment songs. Each session was new, unexpected, and fascinating to watch unfold. Simply put, few other artists exemplify the sheer creativity and love for music that R O N I does.

She even purchased a theremin—an instrument that makes sound using antennas, with no physical contact by the player – and learned to play everything from Jerome Kern’s “The Way You Look Tonight” to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” And, she does it all with a deep, open sense of appreciation for music and the process behind it. To R O N I it seems, the act of experimentation in music, with all its curiosities, is fulfilling all its own.

Ultimately, “Air In Love Out” is a wonderful song that deserves to be enjoyed by your ears on this fine Friday. Listen to it below and keep an eye out for “Afterglow” to drop on August 27th.

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