New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday: The Best 5 Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 21

Hi all! Filling in for Kristin while she covers Pitchfork Music Festival. Be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can keep up with the coverage and everything else Staged Haze.

We’ve got an excellent selection for you this week, so get ready to crank those speakers to eleven. Follow the playlist here.

Notable Albums & EP Releases

The Melodic Blue, Baby Keem
The Band CAMINO, The Band CAMINO
FOREVER, Don Diablo
Full Time Smile, Future Crib
starcrossed, Kacey Musgraves
Civilisation, Kero Kero Bonito
Te Ao Mārama, Lorde
I’ve Been Trying to Tell You, Saint Etienne
The Missing Link, Sean Links and Vago
Texis, Sleigh Bells
Back In Love, The Vaccines
Dawn, Yea

“Tom Petty” – Allie Dunn
Release Date – September 8

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Allie Dunn shared a blissful pop-country-meets-rock track with the world on September 8. “Tom Petty” is remarkably catchy, allowing Dunn to achieve total balance between vocals and instrumentation. At the age of 24, Dunn’s vocal maturity shines brightly on this charming piece. Dunn is a New York native that now resides in Nashville, Tennessee. This is the second record Dunn has shared via streaming platforms, her first being “Lines of that Vinyl” from 2019. We’ve got good news; there’s more on the way, as Dunn prepares to launch her debut EP Good As Gone. If “Tom Petty” is any indication, Dunn’s future is bright. You already know Staged Haze will keep our ears out for more.

“Story Time” – Fivio Foreign
Release Date – September 10

It seems my prayers were answered because I’ve been craving more Fivio Foreign since Kanye featured him on the recent DONDA. Foreign lit up “Off The Grid” for nearly three minutes, sharing verses with Playboy Carti and Kanye himself. Now, on his most recent single “Story Time” he centralizes on a man that has been falsely incarcerated. Foreign’s impressive lyrical ability and storytelling are the immediate draws. He illuminates the pitfalls of going to jail in breathtaking fashion. The production on this piece matches Foreign’s energy and, if longer, would challenge his verse on “Off The Grid.” Foreign must be the draw to this Ye track, as it already amassed 40 million plays on Spotify, following only “Hurricane” that has 62 million. Foreign is popping off and I’m stoked to hear what he has to offer.

*Spotify plays as of September 12, 2021.

“Battle Lines” – Kero Kero Bonito
Release date – September 10

I almost selfishly await Kristin’s requests to cover New Music Sunday because I always manage to find a new album that I would not have otherwise searched for. The trend continues as I was able to discover Kero Kero Bonito this week. Holy wow — “Battle Lines” allows loud crescendos of instrumentation to propel lead vocalist Sarah Bonito to the stratosphere. This song needs to be played on your finest speaker at the loudest acceptable volume. It’s a wonder and probably my favorite introductory track to a record for all of 2021. 

DISCLAIMER: Staged Haze is not responsible for any noise violations associated with blasting the everlasting @#$% out of this track.

“An Acre Lost” – Sleigh Bells
Release Date – September 10

Oh, you thought the fun stopped with Kero Kero Bonito? Nice try. I managed to discover not one, but two incredible albums this week. Sleigh Bells has never once been on my radar, and after listening to “An Acre Lost,” I have come to terms with the error of my ways. I am a fool and I have truly been missing out on something amazing. All self-deprecating jokes aside, Alexis Krauss’ vocals match effortlessly with masterful production by Derek Miller. I’m wildly impressed with their latest drop Texis and will be streaming this one for years to come. You needed hype? You got hype. Gimme that noise vio. 

“Angel Baby” – Troye Sivan
Release Date – September 10

Returning to reality, we’re easing off the gas on this final recommendation. “Angel Baby” highlights Troye Sivan’s swagger and vocal mastery. This is a grandiose track that is both breezy and bombastic. Sivan checks all of the boxes and it goes without saying — fans will enjoy this release. The message is simple and digestible, leaving this track destined to ultimately nestle itself on the airwaves. It almost feels a tad too late, however, because I believe this song would have been an even bigger hit if it was released earlier this summer. Just a small nitpick; I’m sure the time of release will have little effect on it’s popularity.

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