New Music Sunday

New Music Sunday: The Best 5 Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 23

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

In The Meantime, Alessia Cara
Wilds, Andy Shauf
Timebomb, Angels & Airwaves
Dandelion, The Greeting Committee
Near Life Experience Pt. Two, L Devine
these words are all for you, Wrabel

In order of release date:

“On My Knees” – Rüfüs Du Sol
Release date – September 23

I am pretty sure it’s safe to say I’ve never disliked a song that Rufus has released, which is something I can’t even say about my #1 icon/stan for life: Taylor Swift. I’m super bummed to miss their set at ACL this year, but I definitely can’ miss out on seeing Billie Eilish perform songs off of Happier Than Ever. With that being said, there’s a lot of conversation around the very polarizing band Imagine Dragons, and though I’m not going to go off tangent, I think that RDS is what Imagine Dragons COULD have been, but aren’t. Certainly more dance elements are in RDS’ music, but I have a hard time calling them a dance artist compared to alt. rock. Thoughts? I’d love to hear yours.

The band’s fourth studio album, Surrender, is set to release on 21 October 2021.

“love of your life” – AVIV
Release date – September 24

We’ve got a new 15-year-old pop star in town. AVIV, the newest signee of Photo Finish Records (SHAED, Marian Hill), has released her new single, “love of your life,” and the feelings that come with needing affirmation from other people, even if that affirmation isn’t necessarily authentic.

As a 20-something, it’s easy to change what you want and mold yourself into thinking you want what someone else desires because you desire that person, and that’s how I feel about listening to this track. The 15-year-old Toronto singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist showcases that she has wisdom beyond her years, and I’m super excited to see what’s next from her.

“Solar Power – Spotify Singles” – Griff
Release date – September 24

When I saw Griff released a cover of Lorde’s “Solar Power,” I was instantly intrigued. This version definitely feels more upbeat, but I feel like Griff was able to keep the laidback, ’90s vibes that I really enjoy in the original version in this one, which I think could have easily been overlooked and the track could have gotten a very 2021-inspired facelift.

I won’t go as far to say I prefer it over the original, but I enjoy this version a lot as well.

“Life’s a Bitch (L.A.B)” – Nina Nesbitt
Release date – September 24

Okay, I guess I’ve found a song by Nina Nesbitt I love equally as much as I love her 2020 banger “Cry Dancing” ft. NOTD – one of my most streamed songs of last year. I can’t explain how much joy rushes through my veins hearing the melody of this song and the rhythm of the verses, it’s very steady and then lets loose during the chorus. It feels like it’s mirroring the lyrics of the story—here’s what frustrates me (Nina, during the verses) and then here are the words I have to remind myself when I’m feeling frustrated. (Chorus).

You say that I drive you crazy, but that’s cause you’re from the 80s” I love this line.

“Wish You Well” – Wrabel
Release date – September 24

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Wrabel (real name Stephen Wrabel) has been releasing music as a solo musician for quite some time, but the real power in his talent comes from his songwriting abilities (in my opinion)—though he certainly has a wonderful singing voice. With writing credits under his belt for artists like Kesha, Backstreet Boys, DNCE, and Léon, Wrabel’s been a force to reckon with in industry for years.

Wrabel just released his first full-length project, these words are all for you, which has come after a string of EPs and two live albums. If this song sounds like anything else on the rest of the project, I’m sure I will love it.

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