The Best Three Songs Released From This Past Week, Pt. 27

Hey – did you notice anything different about this week’s post? We’re featuring three of the best songs of the week instead of five. Sometimes you gotta switch things up to keep it interesting!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Under My Influence (Deluxe), The Aces
The Uncanny Valley, Elliot Root
Fun House, Hand Habits
Far In, Helado Negro
Emily Can’t Sing, joe p
Blue Banisters, Lana Del Rey
Seven Shades of Heartbreak, Mimi Webb
Sunny Boy, Ritt Momney
Surrender, Rüfüs Du Sol
Prioritise Pleasure, Self Esteem
Letter Blue, Wet

In chronological order:

“Rockland” – Gracie Abrams
Release date – October 22

I haven’t been into a TON of Gracie Abrams’ music: it’s just been ~fine~ to me. But when I saw that recent Taylor Swift collaborator, one-half of Big Red Machine, and one-fifth of The National Aaron Dessner worked on Abrams’ new track, “Rockland,” I had a pretty strong inclination that I was going to love the track.

With a dream-like melody that sounds like it was left on the cutting room floor of the folklore recording sessions, “Rockland” tells the story of desiring to rekindle a lost romance, coming to terms with the reality that it’s likely over forever.

Hey, who took my place in bed when I left?/ Who laughs at everything that you’ve said? / I’m sure that I would like her/ If I were slightly nicer.” 

“Crown Vic (Black Cloud)” – joe p
Release date – October 22

When I first heard this song, I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t music from the lead singer of Hippo Campus, (a band who also released new music this past week): but then I remember the lead singer’s name is Jake, not Joe. I find their vocal similarities to be uncanny. I digress!

joe p, a musician from Ashbury, New Jersey, just dropped a new EP, Emily Can’t Sing, and I can confidently state that it’s one of my favorite projects of the year after just one listen through. It also happens to be his debut EP, which I find shocking, considering how tight, well-written, and confidently executed I find the eight songs to be. Looking forward to hearing more!

“Fucking Wizardry” – Self Esteem
Release date – October 22

British musician Rebecca Lucy Taylor was once a forming member of the folk duo Slow Club, which is somewhat unimaginable for someone like me, who’s only familiar with the music released under new moniker Self Esteem. Taylor’s glittery dance pop is taken to the next level with new album Prioritise Pleasure, the follow up to the 2019 album Compliments Please.

“Fucking Wizardry” is a breakup anthem for the ages, reminiscent of the energy that lives in the best of Robyn’s music, paired with the vocal dynamics of pop band Lucius. I think everyone can relate to going through a breakup where the other person simply won’t leave you alone, which is why I love this song’s honesty so much.

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