Looking To Follow An Artist On The Road? Tomorrow and Tonight’s Got You Covered In Your Own Tour Bus

When I was in college, I wrote a story for a journalism class about Twenty One Pilots’ and their incredibly dedicated fanbase. Their tour stop in Chicago back in 2017 during the Blurryface tour resulted in nearly 75 fans showing up to United Center the night before the show, waiting in line for general admission in tents. It was about 20 degrees outside.

What’s the point to this anecdote? Some of the most dedication I’ve ever seen comes from music fans. I myself have waited in line for shows for 10+ hours at a time, and though this is an activity I’ve certainly aged out of, it’s still very much a popular one in niche fanbases. Some fans even follow artists around the country for a string of consecutive tours, even some follow their idols from country to country (this reference is towards a very specific group of Lorde fans who followed her around during the Melodrama tour). Don’t even get me started on the fans who camped out for multiple nights to be front row at Harry Styles’ shows during his recently-ended tour.

Now imagine the ability to follow your favorite artist around the country on your own tour bus: with beds, real bathrooms, and even a driver. That is now a real possibility, thanks to University of North Texas Student, Abby Cawthon. Founded in 2020, Tomorrow and Tonight has launched the first Fan Tour Bus, being the “first company to dive into music fan-based transportation services,” offering a “wide range of products and services that are designed to allow fans to live life the road and follow their favorite tours.”

I started Tomorrow and Tonight because, following tours is on MY bucket list, so I wanted to make it possible for not only myself, but everyone else too,” Cawthon said to me in an email.

“I have been a “fan-girl” since I was born, starting with my Dad’s hair-metal bands, then moving to “new” bands as a pre-teen and teenager. Music (especially live music) has always been essential in my life. When the pandemic rolled around and my Twitter-timeline filled with the phrase ‘I am never missing a show again,’ I knew the demand was there, and if I worked hard enough I could make it happen,” she said.

Tomorrow and Tonight leases a tour bus from a third-party company which includes a professional driver with all legal permits, licenses, certification, and safety accommodations. They also always have an employee on the bus to take care of guest needs: this employee will be CPR certified with diversity and inclusion training and personal self-defense training. A full FAQ is available on the website.

Fans can currently book a tour bus for The Maine and Twenty One Pilots’ upcoming tour dates by filling out a form here.

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