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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 36

We’re back again! Who’s ready to listen to something new?

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Age of Apathy, Aoife O’Donovan
Once Twice Melody, Beach House
Love and Other Lies, Charlotte Sands
Night Call (New Year’s Edition) – Years & Years

“Running with the Hurricane” – Camp Cope
Release date – January 19

I’ve been on and off with Camp Cope’s music for the last several years, but their newest track “Running with the Hurricane” has me convinced. The Australian band hasn’t released an album since 2018: and in an interview with Stereogum, lead singer Georgia Maq explains the meaning behind the song and the album ahed:

“The first record was us diving into whatever Camp Cope created, the second album was us when we were in the thick of it, and then this album is about how we’ve come out the other side,” Maq explained. “And we’ve come out stronger, more loving, more peaceful and better friends.

Maq’s voice reminds me of Florence Welch has a punk musician mixed with the grit from Middle Kids’ lead singer Hannah Joy. Camp Cope’s next album drops at the end of March.

“all my ghosts” – Lizzy McAlpine
Release date – January 19

I admit it: I slept on Lizzy McAlpine’s music in 2020! It wasn’t until her single “Erase Me” with Jacob Collier, released last year, that I realized it was time for me to pay attention, and that decision was long overdue. “all my ghosts” has dropped ahead of McAlpine’s new album that is set to drop in April.

If you like Phoebe Bridgers and/or Holly Humberstone, I guarantee you’ll love McAlpine’s music, too.

“Apple” – KAINA
Release date – January 19

Chicago native KAINA is back with new music on the horizon, following a single from fall 2021: marking the first new body of work for the artist since 2019. Co-produced by fellow Chicago artist Sen Morimoto and KAINA herself, the song continues to build on her previous soul and R&B sounds with more experimental pop sounds, reminiscent of artists like Remi Wolf and MICHELLE.

KAINA’s new album drops on March 4.

“Light Switch” – Charlie Puth
Release date – January 20

You know what they say about content creators-turned-musicians, but what about musicians-turned-content-creators? Charlie Puth, who has consistently been creating some of the strongest pop music out there, is back again with his new song “Light Switch,” a tune with a journey that nearly all of TikTok followed during its creation. Puth started documenting himself working on “Light Switch” on the social media platform in September 2021, and after nearly six months of fans eagerly awaiting the official release, Puth dropped it this past week ahead of a new album that’s supposedly on the horizon.

“Purity” – lilyisthatyou
Release date – January 21

A few months ago, I discovered Lily Davies, AKA lilyisthatyou: an artist with ZERO monthly listeners on Spotify, but somehow ended up very high on the DSP’s New Music Friday playlist. Turns out, her debut single “FMRN” was a viral success on TikTok before the song was ever officially released: and now it has over 30 million streams on Spotify alone.

lilyisthatyou’s newest single “Purity” features lyrics with incredible sex-positive lyrics: taking a stab at what it means for women to enjoy sex in contemporary culture, a perspective that may make people uncomfortable, but one that’s worth being heard.

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