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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 37

There is so much good music out from this past week, we can’t keep our heads screwed on straight!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Old News, Alix Page
Three Dimensions Deep, Amber Mark
Anaïs Mitchell, Anaïs Mitchell
Apocalypse Now, Bad Suns
It’s Not So Bad, Kyle
Motordome, MØ
There Is No Neil Frances, Neil Frances
11:11, Pinegove

In chronological order:

“The Age of Worry (Live at Electric Lady)” – Yebba
Release date – January 25

I admit: when I saw that Yebba released a cover of my all time favorite John Mayer song, I was a bit skeptical. It’s absolutely nothing to do with Yebba, aka Arkansas native Abigail Elizabeth Smith: she’s actually incredibly talented and has vocals that could give Adele a run for her money. It’s more so cause I hold “The Age Of Worry” so close to my heart, and had a hard time imagining what the song would sound like in a different style. But Yebba completely took my breath away on her rendition: the string section is stunningly beautiful, and Yebba’s vocals sound better than ever: and unexpectedly enough, reminding me of Joni Mitchell in some moments. – Kristin

“Postman” – Toro y Moi
Release date – January 26

I’m first to admit that I’m less than familiar with South Carolina native Chaz Bear’s music under moniker Toro y Moi, minus his massive singles “The Difference” and “Ordinary Pleasure,” but when I saw he released two new songs last week, I jumped at the chance to hear them. The laidback ease of “Postman” makes the song sound like Bear is simply ad-libbing over an already crafted bass line, hanging out with friends at something that musicians like to call “jam sessions” (so I’ve heard).

Toro y Moi’s seventh album is dropping in April: it also happens to be his first being released on his new label, Dead Oceans. – Kristin

“FOMO” – Amber Mark
Release date – January 28

Amber Mark’s bass-laden Three Dimensions Deep swept me off of my feet this week. Interestingly enough, Three Dimensions Deep is the 28-year-old’s first LP, doubling the duration of her EP—3:33am—from 2017. Mark released a handful of singles over the years, including the groovy and up-tempo “Foreign Things” and the the more somber “What It Is,” both of which appear on this new record. Focusing on new material from Three Dimensions Deep, “FOMO,” otherwise deciphered as “Fear of Missing Out,” breathes a fresh outlook onto the coronavirus narrative that has been, in my opinion, overused and overdone over the past two years. Mark regains control on this springy track that mirrors elements from Calvin Harris’ toolbox (cira “Heatstroke” and “Slide” era). The message is simple: we’ve been suppressed for two years; get back out there and enjoy life again.
– Sean

“a long december”- girlhouse
Release date – January 28

Okay, am I the only one who heard this song and didn’t realize that it’s a cover of a song by Counting Crows? If you’ve heard any of girlhouse’s music before, I think you’d agree with me in the sentiment that the lyrics of “a long december” sound JUST like ones that Lauren Luiz could have written and HAS written: specifically about her experience moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

I remember the first evening LA made me really cry,” she sings in original song “treading water” while driving across the California desert. “Keep looking forward ‘cause they ain’t going to catch you tonight.” – Kristin

“After The Tone” – Llusion ft. UPSAHL
Release date – January 28

When I first heard this song, the hook was stuck in my head for literal hours, so I absolutely think that means it should be included in this week’s best of round-up. The team at Staged Haze first stumbled upon Llusion’s work as an artist deep in the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020 when his collaboration with Cautious Clay dropped: and we’re happy to say that his collaboration with UPSAHL is arguably even catchier. Clocking in at just two minutes and 23 seconds, UPSAHL’s signature vocal style works seamlessly with the beat and the bass line. – Kristin

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