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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 40

Noteworthy album & EP releases:
Once Twice Melody, Beach House
Tough Boy, Carlie Hanson
LIFE ON EARTH, Hurray For The Riff Raff
Small World, Metronomy
Cowboy Tears, Oliver Tree

“Naked In Manhattan” – Chappell Roan
Release date – February 18

I first discovered Chappell Roan’s music several years ago when I saw she would be opening up for Declan McKenna at a show in Chicago and have been somewhat following her career ever since. She made a fairly big wave back in 2020 with her song “Pink Pony Club” but I feel like she hasn’t really had an opportunity to reach her full potential: until now. I am absolutely obsessed with this song and when I clicked through the song credits, I was pretty shocked to see that Dan Nigro of Olivia Rodigro’s Sour fame produced and co-wrote the track. This song really doesn’t feel like anything on Sour, but it IS fairly ’80s influenced, which is a genre that’s really popular at the moment, so I guess it’s not all that surprising.

“Saga” – Hurray For The Riff Raff
Release date – February 18

I’ve seen this artists’ name around for like, several years at this point but I never heard their music. I’m not sure if it’s because their stage name reminds me of the rapper Riff Raff, but for whatever reason, I associated the name with rap music. Well, it’s DEFINITELY not rap music! Turns out, “Saga” is a song from Alynda Segarra’s EIGTH studio album (where have I been?) that was just released this past week, one that also happens to be one of Pitchfork’s picks for best new music. If you like artists like Waxahatchee or Fiona Apple, I suggest you check out this new album.

“Bleach” – Isaac Dunbar
Release date – February 18

A question I would like to discuss: why aren’t we absolutely RAVING about Isaac Dunbar? I’ve loved nearly all of his music he’s released in the past few years, but nothing stands in comparison to his newest single, “Bleach.” The song feels so unbelievably cohesive and complex to make, ASIDE from it being incredibly catchy. Oh, and not to mention Dunbar is credited as the sole writer and producer of the tracks. OH, one more thing. He’s only 18-years-old. I MAY be getting ahead of myself, but this song is giving me the biggest Freddie Mercury vibes ever, I am SO into it.

“Right On Time” – Metronomy
Release date – February 18

Right off the bat, I need to make sure everyone knows that Metronomy has been making music since 1999. I was five-years-old in 1999. Are you intrigued yet? You should be. Though I’m not super familiar with their work (at least I don’t think I am), Brooklyn Vegan reported that the new album, Small World, is the band’s “biggest pivot yet.” If you’re looking for a feel good song to listen to with the windows down (though I do realize I live in a place where that’s possible AND comfortable at the moment, when most do not in the middle of February), the sentiment is the same. Hearing this song makes me super amped to check out the rest of the album.

“Fast Times” – Sabrina Carpenter
Release date – February 18

If you only know who Sabrina Carpenter is because of her involvement with Olivia Rodrigo/Joshua Bassett drama, I suggest you listen to this new song. Co-written by Julia Michaels (which is very apparent if you’re familiar with her songwriting) and JP Saxe (who’s also Michaels’ boyfriend), “Fast Times” is an interesting take on contemporary pop music that ACTUALLY feels sonically different than what is popular at the moment: and I think she’s purposely pivoting away from sounding like anything similar to Rodrigo with intention.

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