Milky Chance’s First Single of 2022 “Synchronize” Weaves The Sounds of The ’60s with Modern Dance Music

In a song that could be easily played at both an alternative venue as well as a bumping nightclub, Milky Chance writes their own version of a love song with “Synchronize,” which dropped today.

“Synchronize” is the German duo’s first single released after their 2021 compilation album “Trip Tape” was released. 

The song starts out with an acoustic, California-in-the-60s sort of vibe, reminiscent of some of the best work by The Mamas and the Papas, before breaking into its fun, electronic beat that completely bursts the time-travel bubble that the intro leads listeners into. It’s interesting to see how the duo moves between the two sounds throughout the song before ending rather abruptly.

It’s obvious that Milky Chance has been inspired by both sounds of the ’60s, as well as modern dance beats with bursting synths, as the group has repeatedly found a way to mesh the two together throughout much of its career. 

“Synchronize” isn’t the only big thing happening for the duo recently, as they just had a ton of success with their 2021 single “Colorado” — a song that was seemingly inescapable on alternative radio, and which they performed on both “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” 

“Colorado” captured such astronomical heights, it will be interesting to see how “Synchronize” stacks up against the duo’s previous work.

Synchronize” is out now.

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