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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 44

Happy Sunday! I’m (Sean) taking this one over for Kristin, as she’s wrapping up coverage of South By Southwest this weekend.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:
Journey To The Center Of Myself, Vol. 4, Elohim
a study of the human experience volume 1, Gayle
Raised, Hailey Whitters
sore thumb, Oso Oso
i’m going insane, quinn
Heavy Like a Headache, The Ninth Wave
Chasing Ghosts, Stabbing Westward
The Oracle, We Don’t Ride Llamas
Present Tense, Yumi Zouma

In chronological order:

“Playin’ Me Back” – bülow
Release Date – March 18

Clocking in under two minutes, “Playin’ Me Back” begs fans to do just that. This is a quippy anthem that may be too self aware, as bülow leads off with, “oh, you fell into my trap” (Hell yes I did, by the way). This track is packed with meaning and soul, all wrapped together by a bouncy beat that proves infectious. Songs that have such a short playtime typically give me pause, but bulow’s latest effort grants her a pass. I’m looking forward to bülow’s future trajectory.

“Heron on the Water” – The Ninth Wave
Release Date – March 18

I think one of my catchphrases for these posts has to be, “I love helping out because I inevitably find music I wouldn’t have considered prior.” This bodes incredibly true as I previously hadn’t heard of Ninth Wave. “Heron on the Water” is airy and atmospheric with instrumentation reminiscent of The Wombats and others in their sphere. While the instrumentation roped me toward this rollercoaster ride, dual-vocalists Amilia Kidd and Hayden Park-Pattison stole the show. These childhood friends are the lifeforce of the Glasgow-based noise-pop quartet.

“Too Late (To Call)” – Ruby Red
Release Date – March 18

There are some dance / EDM / house tracks that, to be frank, simply hit differently; “Too Late (To Call)” is no exception. This song is both catchy and simple, which effortlessly adds to its allure. Honestly, I initially thought this was a new Phantoms-meets-Fitz and the Tantrums, which is incredible company to equate with considering Ruby Red has a comparatively small monthly following. Definitely looking forward to what Ruby Red brings to the table in the near future. Consider yourselves added to my watch list!

“Cold” – Stabbing Westward
Release Date – March 18

This slot originally belonged to Machine Gun Kelly’s “maybe” as his next full length play releases next week, but we’ll spotlight the popular MGK after that release. Stabbing Westward, best recognized as a chimeric blend of Green Day and Fall Out Boy, meeting the darker teenage angst of A7X, is my new lovechild. I can and will find myself ripping a workout with this album blaring in my ears. Instant energy, guaranteed. For the convictionally driven, this album is simply a treat. 

“Of Me and You” – Yumi Zouma
Release Date – March 18

If you’re in need of an album that’ll bring your blood pressure back to socially acceptable levels after giving Stabbing Westward the time of day, Present Tense is your look. “Of Me and You” brings us back to the slower, more atmospheric tunes found earlier on this list. I’ll have to explore this album a bit more myself, but I’m certain it’ll nestle its way onto my front-porch-chiller lists. Enjoy this one, and we’ll see you back here next weekend.

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