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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 47

Happy Sunday, the amount of new music released this past week is VERY overwhelming and I wish you the best of luck sifting through it cause I have a lot to hear still!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Serpentina, Banks
Familia, Camila Cabello
Chloe and the Next 20th Century, Father John Misty
Fear of The Dawn, Jack White
Growing Up, The Linda Lindas
five seconds flat, Lizzy McAlpine
Second Nature, Lucius
A Better Place, Marigold
Nothing’s Ever Fine, Oceanator
Ivory, Omar Apollo
Bronco, Orville Peck
The Parts I Dread, Pictoria Vark
Rx, Role Model
alien tears, Wens
Wet Leg, Wet Leg

In chronological order:

“Autopilot” – Allison Ponthier
Release date – April 8

Repeat after me: In this house, we stan Allison Ponthier. If you haven’t heard yet, we’ve been talking a lot about this rising alt-country pop star since we discovered her last year, falling in love with her EP Faking My Own Death in 2021, jumping for joy at the announcement of her support on Bleachers’ upcoming North American tour.

Her music has sounded like early Kacey Musgraves but if MUNA had been producing her music in the 2010s: a little queer and edgier than most of what was being spun on country radio. This sentiment still exists in “Autopilot,” but feels a bit less restricting in the sense of “oh, country music? I don’t like country music,” allowing fans of more alternative folk and pop music to come into the vision that Ponthier has created in her sound.

“‘Autopilot’ originally started out as a song about my phobia of driving,” she shares. “I’m 26 years old, and I’ve had my permit three times, but ultimately the responsibility of driving has always terrified me. While it started out as a song about something silly, it ended up being an exercise to write about my weaknesses. I don’t like to tell people how to interpret my songs, but I think ‘Autopilot’ can take on a double meaning about trying to break through the feeling of going through the motions.”

“psychofreak” – Camilla Cabello ft. WILLOW
Release date – April 8

Camila apologists, stand up! Though I haven’t really been a fan of her music in the past couple years, I did think Camila had some BANGERS (“Shameless,” is an incredible song) as well as a handful of songs on her 2018 debut as a solo artist. When I saw she was dropping a new album this past week, I didn’t think much of it, but I was taken by surprise when I realized how much I enjoyed “psychofreak,” one of the songs off the new project, featuring support from WILLOW. I’m not sure if it was Cabello’s choice to take this direction, as an edgier direction is surely what’s popular at the moment, or her collaboration with Willow that makes the song catchy, but it’s incredibly catchy, nonetheless.

“Supermarket” – Wet Leg
Release date – April 8

As we wrote in our review of Wet Leg’s highly anticipated self-titled debut album, the band and their subsequent first project is “absurd, funny, and nonchalant,” three adjectives that surely pop up actively throughout the album. They’re also existent in “Supermarket,” the one (arguably) true love song on the project.

Singing about the mundane activities that inevitably come with falling for someone, like, shopping with them in the supermarket for the things that they need (and getting too high to do so without suspicion, forcing the security to ask you to leave), and meeting your lover’s parents, Wet Leg captures the beauty in the way that menial tasks suddenly become adventures when you get to accomplish them with someone you enjoy.

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