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The Three Best Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 50

Happy May!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Abstracto Vol. 1, Ariza
Sunflower: Deluxe, Briston Maroney
Soft Spot, Chelsea Jade
Forgiveness, Girlpool
blue water road, Kehlani 
Two Ribbons, Let’s Eat Grandma
UP AT 4, Lionel Boy
Lady For Sale, Lola Kirke
Pure Chaos, Lou Roy
Palomino, Miranda Lambert
Wet Tennis, Sofi Tukker
Every Shade of Blue, The Head & The Heart
i don’t know who needs to hear this…Tomberlin
MAHAL, Toro y Moi

In chronological order:

“In The Club” – Mahalia
Release date – April 27

Who expected a new song in the year 2022 sampling 50 Cent’s 2003 smash hit “In Da Club?” Certainly not myself. But when I heard it pop up in Mahalia’s newest single, I found it to be perfect. The song, described by Mahalia as a story about the struggle to develop authentic friendships with real people: “I’ve kissed a lot of frogs when it comes to mates. Had to cut off a lot of bad energy. And I’ve tried to only keep people around me who allow me to be myself,” she wrote on Instagram.

“MEAN!” – Madeline The Person
Release date – April 29

Taylor Swift called it when she said “all you’ll ever be is mean,” and Billie Eilish said it best when she said “I don’t relate to you, cause I’d never treat me this sh***y.” Now combine both of those messages and you get “MEAN!” the latest single from Madeline The Person, a 20-year-old from Georgia who got discovered on TikTok by a major label A&R. Fresh off tours supporting The Aces and Laufey, “MEAN!” is Madeline’s first single of the year. “One thing I like about me is I’m nothing like you and I never will be,” she sings with a sweetness in her voice that almost makes it sound like a compliment. 

“Summer In New York” – Sofi Tukker
Release date – April 29 

Though I’ve never lived in New York City, I feel as though this song, off Sofi Tukker’s new album, Wet Tennis, perfectly encapsulates what I imagine it to be like. Featuring a sample of the 1987 song “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega, Sophie leads the listener on a journey through the city on a summer day with absolutely nothing pressing to do and nowhere to be, taking her through downtown, a proposed stop at a tattoo parlor, drinks with a new friend, and  trip to Brooklyn: and those aren’t even all of the destinations listed in the song. Next time you’re dreaming of the Big Apple, turn on this song! 

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