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The Best Five Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 53

Sean here, subbing in for Kristin on this week’s post!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

Nervous At Night, Charlie Hickey
You Have Got To Be Kidding Me, Fanclubwallet
Palaces, Flume
Harry’s House, Harry Styles
Face the Wall, Jordana
EYEYE, Lykke Li
rising, mxmtoon
The Way That Lovers Do, Praeteek Kuhad
Better Off Without, Rachel Chinouriri
HYPNOS, Ravyn Lenae
Inside Out, Tourist
Sunshine Factory, Uffie
American Heartbreak, Zach Bryan

In chronological order:

“Stop Me” – Bazanji
Release Date – May 20

Bazani fans–question: why is this his thirtieth consecutive single? I may be missing the logic as to why this British rapper has elected to release one single per week, but I find myself drawn back each and every week. “Stop Me” is no exception, as it channels looming, almost stary and mesmerizing instrumentals loftily above a fairly generic trap beat. Lyrically, Bazanji’s been here before, boasting a commanding hook paired with one thought-provoking verse on a track that’s slightly longer than two minutes in playtime. His music is strangely formulaic, but catchy nonetheless.

“Big Earth Energy” – Cool Maritime
Release Date – May 20

“Big Earth Energy” is an entirely orchestrated title track that ebbs and flows effortlessly. The many stages of this track progress seamlessly while simultaneously channeling polar charges. The first leg begs the listener to explore an ominous yet welcoming space; the second imagines the soundtrack a wispy wanderer would experience if they were to navigate an illuminated cave or forest. This six minute playback will have you channeling your inner childhood explorer. Fans should explore Cool Maritime’s full album Big Earth Energy.

“Play Fair” – Jordana
Release Date – May 20

Alright, alright–we’ll inject some firepower into this week’s lineup. Jordana returns on her latest release full album Face the Wall, where she stomps around a ferocious guitar beat. Her vocals amplify the ferocity, creating an image of a lioness preparing to stalk her next prey. Confidence oozes from this track as Jordana sounds accusatory. She demands answers when she sings, “Whoa / The clock is ticking / You better get yourself around here / I’ll show you the brand new plan.” Bedroom pop 101 *clicks heart.*

“Favorite Peeps” – Praeteek Kuhad
Release Date – May 20

Powerful synths blend with Praeteek Kuhad’s whispery and mesmerizing vocals on “Favorite Peeps.” This track pairs nicely with the former as both are airy, loose, and encourage exploration. “Favorite Peeps” is one of the more charged efforts on Kuhad’s The Way Lovers Do, as the remainder of the album is slower and contemplative. This track should be added to any front-yard chiller set–it’ll put you in a great mood in a flash.

“Your Love” -Tourist
Release Date – May 20

The album art for Tourist’s Inside Out describes how to listen to this album–get outside and JAM. Personally, I’m envisioning myself rolling my moonroof and windows down, throwing my shades on, and hitting a windy highway for an afternoon… or maybe I would have many moons ago for reasons I don’t want to get into here. Anyways, it’s nice to know I have this soundtrack paired with Big Earth Energy for when travel becomes a tad more affordable. The theme this week? Let these tracks whisk you to simultaneously distant-yet-close lands.

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