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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 55

Happy Sunday!!! The last week gave us an incredible amount of new music to sift through: I have work cut out for me this week.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

You Can’t Kill Me, 070 Shake
teaching a robot to kill, Amelia Moore
Big Time, Angel Olsen
INSIDE (Deluxe), Bo Burnham
e(motion) sickness, girlfriends
Versions of Modern Performance, Horsegirl
Highway, Kid Bloom
All Girls Go To Heaven, Mint Green
Go The Distance, New Rules
Twelve Karat Toothache, Post Malone
graves, Purity Ring
Hiding In Place, Queen of Jeans
Juno (Deluxe Edition), Remi Wolf
Teeth Marks, SG Goodman
HIVE, Sub Urban

In chronological order:

“if we lived on the moon” – vivi rincon
Release date – June 1

As someone who identifies as straight, it’s hard to empathize with someone who feels like they aren’t allowed to be themselves on this place we call earth. I don’t have to worry about someone staring, making comments, or even worse, showing aggression towards me for my sexual orientation. 21-year-old Vivi Rincon, whose first single “if we lived on the moon,” describes this feeling that I find so hard to relate to, but of course, sympathize with.

“This song is about the difficulties of living in a world where you aren’t accepted for who you are. It’s about being scared to kiss the person you love in public, but it’s also about how beautiful love can really be,” Vivi said.

“Bathroom Light” – Mt. Joy
Release date – June 3

As I finish this write-up, I’m realizing now how all t he songs I highlighted represent different versions of love: whether that’s love ending, (you’ll read more below), beginning, or being really difficult. This song, Mt. Joy’s newest single ahead of their upcoming album, takes a look at the events we experience with others and the feeling of wanting to bottle up the moment in time forever (it’s also about having se* in a public place, but I digress).

Most of Mt. Joy’s music tends to never really stick with me, but something about this song is so effortlessly beautiful and a really lovely, simple song about what it’s like to have first time experiences with someone else. The bridge also includes a line that may be one of my favorite set of lyrics, ever.

“Before” – NIKI
Release date – June 3

The first time I heard this song., I was completely blown away that it clocked in at just under four minutes (an overall normal length for a song). The incredible storytelling in the lyrics on “Before” made me feel like I had just listened to an entire audiobook on tape in the span of one chapter: like I watched a Netflix orignal movie in five minutes. Perhaps it’s because I can relate so much to the content of the song, or it’s just a testament to Niki’s songwriting skills, or maybe a bit of both.

Breakup songs can be trite, but I especially appreciated the point of view this song gives: feeling like things were “before” you meet somebody once they’re no longer in your life, but you certainly not the same person, and you’re certainly not over what you just experienced.

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