Dayglow Heralds New Album Era With Live Favorite “Then It All Goes Away”

Last year, Dayglow’s effervescent bop “Close to You” was a strong contender for the unofficial Staged Haze song of the summer. This year, like clockwork, he’s throwing his hat in the ring again with another breezy-yet-melancholy indie pop single. 

Dayglow is known for their retro spin on bedroom pop—their last release, 2021 Staged Haze favorite Harmony House—was ripe with the sounds of Michael Jackson and a-ha. But this time around, twenty-two-year-old Sloan Struble, the mastermind behind Dayglow, might be experimenting with a different nostalgia- one more personal to him. 

In recent interviews, he’s cited bands like Passion Pit, MGMT and Phoenix as his guiding inspirations. “Then It All Goes Away,” which the band has already played at a handful of shows, feels like the modern descendant of that breezy brand of alternative pop. 

Struble’s approach this time around seems to have shifted as well: “I was really just thinking of my fans the whole time making it and imagining ‘how can I make a Dayglow song that feels so familiar, yet feels like a brand new experience entirely?’” For a legion of fans who themselves are nostalgic for late 2000s indie pop-rock, “Then It All Goes Away” could be a formidable choice for song of the summer. 

Regardless, “Then It All Goes Away” feels quintessentially Dayglow. Its lyrics add color to the haze between loneliness and connection. Struble’s vocals are nimble as they dance around synth arpeggios, claps, and a cowbell. It’s breezy, airtight pop that sounds as confident as Struble apparently is these days: “I feel like I’m at a place now as an artist where I know my fans, I know myself, and I know what I want to do with this gift I’ve been given-my vision is now clear and I’m seeing full color.”

“Then It All Goes Away” is the third track on Dayglow’s upcoming album People in Motion, his third release behind 2019’s breakout debut Fuzzybrain and 2021 Staged Haze favorite Harmony House. The album is out October 7th, and Dayglow’s North American tour begins with a set of Mexico dates in September. 

Click here to watch the “Then It All Goes Away” video and here to pre-order People in Motion

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