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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 59

We’re not feeling so patriotic, but we hope you’re enjoying the long weekend. Can we talk about how strange it is to be reporting on a soundtrack for the new Minions movie? And that it’s actually enjoyable?

Noteworthy album & EP releases.

Mercury – Acts 1 & 2, Imagine Dragons
Minions: The Rise of Gru (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The Minions
Late Night In The Bittersweet, Paolo Nutini

In chronological order:

“Hey Dood” – Peach Fuzz
Release date – June 28

Earlier this week when I got word that Samia, Rafaella, Ryann and Sara L’Abriola formed a brand new supergroup named Peach Fuzz, I got very excited. “Hey Dood” is the first single off an impending EP set to release later this month. And if you’ve ever had social anxiety, this song is for you. “Hey Dood” tells the story of being at a party and attempting to make conversation with strangers (“I would have made so many friends if all the social circles hadn’t been established..I’m so in love with who I could have been if only I’d been born a much better actress.”)

Peach Fuzz’s upcoming EP was produced by Sachi DiSerafino (Joy Again), Jake Luppen (Hippo Campus, Lupin) and Caleb Hinz (Baby Boys).

“Best I Can” – Savannah Conley
Release date – June 28

If you’re looking for your next indie pop obsession, I think you’ll find it in Nashville singer/songwriter Savannah Conley. Conley just dropped a three song EP, featuring a song co-written by Marshall Vore, also known as Phoebe Bridgers’ frequent collaborator. So yes, I think she’s the real deal.

To me, “Best I Can” sounds like a letter Conley wrote to forgive herself for struggling through a previous unhealthy relationship. “You make me someone I can’t stand…I did the best I can.”

If you like musicians like Jade Bird, Samia, or Maggie Rogers, Savannah Conley is for you.

“touch tank” – quinnie
Release date – July 1

Another TikTok viral moment has arrived to DSPs! Bedroom pop strikes again (think Clairo’s earliest music, i.e. “Pretty Girl”) and the creation of music through an iPhone, and you get 23-year-old quinnie’s “touch tank,” a song about being a slave to someone else’s touch, inspired by those tanks you see at the aquarium where you can pet an animal.

Thanks to the (ongoing) moment the song has had on the internet, “touch tank” has already racked up 840,000 streams on Spotify alone, despite it being out for less than three days. This song’s streams has already surpassed all of quinnie’s previously released music combined.

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