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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 60

Happy Sunday once again! I’ve compiled a shortlist of three deep cuts that may help you navigate this week’s edition of the Sunday Scaries.

Noteworthy album & EP releases:

WASTELAND, Brent Faiyaz
Love, Damini, Burna Boy
X, Ken Carson
Formentera, Metric
Stay Proud of Me, NoSo
Xeno, rei brown
dear amelia, renforshrot
Pink Songs 2, Sipper
axiom, Summet
You Never Met Me, Sydney Rose

New releases in chronological order:

“rationality // faith” – Summet
Release Date – July 7

“rationality // faith” isn’t lyrically dense, per se. This track’s complexity emerges in the form of convoluted and slightly distorted electronic beats and melodies. To put an image to mind, it encompasses those dark feelings of utter confusion and disarray during vulnerable times of need. In that regard, it shares similarities to Porter Robinson’s “dullscythe” – an electronic instrumental begins haphazardly but escalates into a clear and focused vision. Robinson notes that this track highlighted his creative process, that of which was layered with fear and self doubt. I believe “rationality // faith” follows a similar model.

“Don’t Leave” – Clara Lars
Release Date – July 8

Clara Lars hit the ground running on her debut single “Don’t Leave” – a moodier cut oozing with gut-wrenching pain and personality. The lyrics sail softly as Clara begs her lover to stay put. She promises forgiveness for previous mistakes as she waits here, dreading this relationship’s end. Most of us have been there–hurting others or being hurt–and we can relate to that sting Clara spotlights. The key here, though, is finding that ability to forgive. No relationship is perfect; we can only promise to better ourselves as we mature each day.

“Adrenaline” – MASN
Release Date – July 8

It makes sense to listen to “Adrenaline” in tandem with the previously mentioned “Don’t Leave” and “rationality // faith” because love is complex. No two people experience love and rejection the same way. While “Don’t Leave” embodies a more hopeful perspective, “Adrenaline” and “rationality // faith” fall toward the more chaotic side of the spectrum. Mason Rupper bleeds out and confesses just how taxing rejection can be on the body and mind. He can’t escape the battle his mind is facing as he feels trapped, almost as if in a headlock, by his fervent emotions. This is certainly another understandable and viable way to react to the harder moments associated with love and loss.

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