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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Part 67

With summer nearing its end, we’re grasping for the last drops of sunlight, serotonin, and good vibes. This shortlist will keep you riding that summer high well into autumn and beyond.

Noteworthy Album & EP Releases:

In Loving Memory, blackbear
Midnight Control, Dirty Heads
All Of Us Flames, Ezra Furman
The Forever Story, JID
Be Careful With Yourself, Julia Jacklin
Everything I Know About Love, Laufey
Never Had to Leave, Matt Maeson
Every Beginning Ends, Noah Cyrus
What I Get for Loving You, Seaforth
FLAMINGO, Spirit in the Room
Hidden Youth, Surfaces
Thee Sacred Souls, Thee Sacred Souls

In chronological order:

“Weird Goodbyes” – The National (feat. Bon Iver)
Release Date – August 22

There are many personalities behind the scenes of Staged Haze, but uniquely, we all agree that anything Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon do is nothing short of spectacular. Following the trend, it’s Aaron’s time to shine, as The National’s latest “Weird Goodbyes” continues to rattle our collective cage. Ironically enough, this track was released almost exactly one year after How Long Do You Think It’s Gonna Last?, give or take a few days. Fans of the site know how much we adored that release, which bodes well for Dessner’s latest. I think I’ve hyped it up enough, you know what to do. Spin “Weird Goodbyes” right now. I promise you won’t regret it.

“Midnight Control” – Dirty Heads
Release Date – August 26

Here it is, y’all! I’ve been looking forward to the release of Midnight Control since its announcement, and that day has finally arrived. The title track “Midnight Control” is fairly groovy and measured, especially when compared to the intro track “Island Glow,” but this is a welcomed change of pace. I don’t think it’s humanly possible to be upset after listening to this song–it’s that good. This track, and many from the album, will easily nestle their way onto your chiller sets. The three year gap was well worth the wait. Thank you, Dirty Heads!

“My Body My Blood” – Spirit in the Room
Release Date – August 26

Spirit in the Room has two modes–slow build up to a bone-rattling crescendo… or kick off with and sustain a bone-rattling crescendo. “My Body My Blood” follows the latter as the track quickly amps it up to eleven, infusing that familiar grunginess that most of us had a soft spot for at one point in our lives (I’m looking at you, 2009). Their five-piece EP–FLAMINGO–is meant to be loud, and listening to this pseudo-screamo-rock inspired ensemble easily pumps blood pressure through the roof. I’m surprised that Spirit in the Room only averages 2,000 listeners on Spotify; their sound may be niche, but that niche is fairly populated. Looking forward to keeping up with this group and their future endeavors.

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