Rising Indie Pop Band VALLEY’s New Single “The Problem Song” Is Anything But

It might seem hard to believe that anything’s going wrong for the members of VALLEY, an indie-pop band on the rise based out of Toronto, that’s made a name for themselves in the past few years with their exciting live performances and exuberant music, but the band still has problems, which they detail in the band’s latest single, “The Problem Song.”

Although it has an ominous name, the lyrical content in “The Problem Song” is rather upbeat. It chronicles problems in a relationship, just as any relationship has, but how they’re solvable and can be worked through, rather than just focusing on the drama of the relationship’s difficulties. Coupled with the band’s energetic, funky percussion and synth-heavy music to go along with it, VALLEY has achieved something all good pop artists strive for—making a fun, danceable
track about being sad and life’s imperfections.

“The Problem Song” is just one of the band’s songs that’s bursting with dopamine, a song that’s hard to not dance to no matter what problems the lyrics may speak of. The Toronto-based band, which formed in 2014, has released one LP thus far, 2019’s “Maybe,” as well as five EPs, including “The After Party,” which was released earlier this year.

Listen to “The Problem Song” below.

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