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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 73

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Noteworthy album & EP releases:
I’m Alright If You’re Okay, Aiden Bissett
Blue Rev, Alvvays
CHARLIE, Charlie Puth
SUCKERPUNCH, Chloe Moriondo
People In Motion, Dayglow
Hysteria, Indigo Sparke
CHAOS NOW*, Jean Dawson
French Blonde, Joe P
Prism, Say She She
Magic Hour, Surf Curse
HOW DID WE GET HERE? young friend
ACT III: BATTLE, Young The Giant

In chronological order:

“Hurt You” – Connie Constance
Release date – October 6

While I only heard British musician’s music for the first time earlier this year, she’s definitely no newbie. Gearing up to release her sophomore album Miss Power in November of this year, Connie, whose real name is Constance Power, was a featured vocalist on “Heaven Takes You Home,” a track off of Swedish House Mafia’s Paradise Again, and released her debut album in 2019. The album was produced by Jim Abbiss, well-known for his work with artists including Adele and the Arctic Monkeys.

The first time I heard “Hurt You,” I couldn’t believe how much her voice reminded me of Nilüfer Yanya. The music, however, feels a bit more consumable than Yanya’s: more in the vein of artists like Arlo Parks or Julia Jacklin.

“Difficult” – Gracie Abrams
Release date – October 7

If you want to hear a ballad from Lorde about being heartbroken, listen to Gracie Abrams’ new song!! I’ve never necessarily thought about comparing the two’s voices prior to this song, but the way that Gracie enunciates her words, specifically in her lower register, are so reminiscent of Lorde, I couldn’t think of anything else.

That doesn’t taken away from the quality of the song by any means: I’ve especially come to love all of Abrams’ collaborations with Aaron Dessner, who also produced and co-wrote “Difficult.” It takes a particularly self-aware person to realize their habit of self-sabotaging, which is what I consider this song to be about. It’s even harder to realize this habit of yours and not realizing where it stems from. So now that I’ve gotten you in a bad mood by describing the complexities of this song, I think you should go listen to it!

“The Neighborhood” – Grace Enger
Release date – October 7

You heard it here first (maybe): Grace Enger is on the verge of explosion. “The Neighborhood” may be her first official release, and she may have had exactly zero monthly listeners on Spotify prior to this release, but you know that something big is coming from an artist who 1) Gets a placement on New Music Friday for their first song ever (coming in at #65), and also gets a spot opening for Alexander 23’s fall tour with again, only one song released.

I’ve always associated specific places with important life events that have happened to me: and how weird said places feel after something has changed in your life, whether that change is big or small. “The Neighborhood” is all-encompassing of just that: “So I’ll find a new favorite corner store, cause the one by mine still feels like yours / The restaurants are haunted, the street’s a broken promise…I’ll keep loving you more than I should / and you’ll keep the neighborhood.”

We plan on keeping an eye on Enger’s career, and we advise that you do, too.

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