Nashville Singer/Songwriter Briston Maroney Releases Two New Singles “Oregon” and “Harvard”

In need of new music? Specifically rock? You’re in luck. If you haven’t heard them yet, Nashville-based indie rock singer-songwriter Briston Maroney released two new tracks, “Oregon” and “Harvard” today.

“Oregon” is a love song straight out of a coming-of-age movie. After listening to the track a few times, the message of someone’s desperate attempt at convincing someone else to open up to them is made quite clear. “Maybe if you knew how crazy I was for you surely you would let me in.” A person who loves someone else all while trying to wave away the others fears of letting someone reveal their feelings for them because they feel that’s not possible for them. “There is hope inside it you just have to find it then your life it will begin.” 

Despite “Oregon” sounding like a downhearted theme, it’s surprisingly cheerful. The lyrical context behind “Oregon” is cheery and optimistic, but still lets you experience those feelings of frustration when you’re achingly trying to show someone you love the how see them instead of how they see themselves, while also trying to pry them out of their shell and live a little. Boastful and full of energy, but so forlorn at the same time. Nevertheless, this is not a bathetic cry-alone-in-your-bedroom-at-3 AM type of song, but instead, a type of tempo that will give you strength and determination to live and love boldly while maybe bringing a few others along for the ride (If you can convince them). 

Lastly, if you’re a Nashville native and want to hear more of Briston, a self-curated two-day music festival he produced himself, called Paradise Festival, is happening on November 3rd and 4th at the Brooklyn Bowl. There will be a few performers including Briston himself, Indigo De Souza, The Greeting Committee, MICHELLE, and more.

“Oregon”and “Harvard” are out now.

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