Blu DeTiger is On Her Way Up With New Single “Elevator” 

If you haven’t heard of Blu DeTiger yet, get ready to jump on the bandwagon. The singer/songwriter/bassist just dropped her new song “Elevator,” which is quite possibly the catchiest single of the year. 

Let me try and give you a visual of how this track feels. Simply imagine yourself swaying on the illuminated dance floor of an underground art funk club specifically in the 2010s. Using an elevator as a metaphor to replicate the ups and downs of a toxic relationship, DeTiger takes that depressing idea and spins it around to tell a story of confidence and self-discovery with chants and upbeat rhythms instead. 

With the description I gave you above, I know that may sound hard to believe, but this is anything but a sad song. With Blu being a bassist, “Elevator” includes some classical funk patterns that bring out the depth and tension portrayed in the track, but in a way where there’s still favorable movement. Artsy and cheery, but chilled and low-down is the best way to describe it. This may not be the fastest song, but there’s definite potential for some dancing there.

If you end up loving “Elevator,” which I know you will, and want more of Blu DeTiger, you’re in luck because she’s about to go on tour, set to start on November 3 in Boston. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one. 

Listen to “Elevator” now.

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