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Lostboycrow’s Magnetic Energy Reaches New Fans While On Tour With Echosmith

On top of being musically gifted, Chris Blair, also known as Lostboycrow, has mastered another amazing skill: he knows how to balance being humble and confident at the same time onstage.

Though not much of a talker, Lostboycrow delivers a fun performance that makes you feel like you’re watching a rockstar, despite the fact that Blair and his band are the openers on their current tour with Echosmith.

As supporters, they were lucky enough to be joined by an engaging and friendly audience, which allowed Blair to be able to put on a show that made sense, and that didn’t feel forced, which tends to happen often when you’re playing in front of someone else’s fanbase.

After over seven years in the music scene, it’s only fair to say that Lostboycrow has had some practice. His sound and image have changed pretty drastically over the years, but when you look at the timeline of his career, you can see how he was always working towards being the artist he is now. In the same way, it’s clear that performing is not just a task to him; the way he dresses (eye-catching colors and a sophisticated but funky head scarf around his neck), and the fact that everyone on the band ended up on top of a speaker at some point, shows how much joy it brings to them, while also not letting it feel calculated or ridiculously rehearsed.

His 2021 album Valleyheart remains his most memorable, with songs like “Candy Wine” and “Strawberry Sunscreen” receiving the most sing-alongs, but Chris got a fantastic opportunity to show and test out his upcoming album Indie Pop on this tour. “Indie Rock,” “Libra Moon,” “Chewed Up,” and “Angelina” are all part of Lostboycrow’s new era, and each song was happily received by the Bottom Lounge audience, as well as older tracks like “Waste of Time” and “Some Nights.”

After rocking the stage during his set, the man behind Lostboycrow turned modest again and could be seen walking around the venue as if he hadn’t just gained at least a few dozen new supporters. Saying hi to anybody who approached his side of the merch table, he was willing to have a conversation with anyone interested in doing so, and even thanked them for sticking around to chat with him.

Even though “The Lost Boy”the first song I ever heard by him and that I will forever remember the lyrics to—will most likely never ever be performed live again, watching Chris play his newer projects and getting the claps and cheers he’s been deserving and hoping for since 2015, will always be and feel even better. I hope that both this tour and Lostboycrow’s new music help him expand his reach, and mostly that it brings him the joy he so much craves and gives out on stage. I also wish that he can go on his own trip around the country soon, to deliver his free-spirited and heartfelt energy to as many people and ears as he possibly can.

Catch Lostboycrow on tour with Echosmith now.

Photos and words by Javi Zamorano

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