Blondshell Takes It Out On New Single “Veronica Mars” 

Indie rock singer-songwriter Blondshell, aka Sabrina Teitelbaum, releases her first single with Partisan Records. The song is called “Veronica Mars,” referencing the classic 2000s TV drama. “Veronica Mars” is Blondshell’s fourth single this year, and it’s another searing, vengeful burner from the New York City artist. 

“Veronica Mars” reflects on the media that Blondshell was exposed to growing up. For Teitelbaum, the melodramatic show Veronica Mars is emblematic of TV’s lasting effects on her perspective. The things we soak up during childhood and adolescence have a sly way of becoming permanent. Now, Teitelbaum can only understand its twisted impact retrospectively: “Logan’s a dick/I’m learning that’s hot,” she snarls.

It’s a bite-signed vignette. But it bursts open mid-way through, guitars spiraling with the frustration of what’s beyond her control. You might not be able to change your childhood, but you can be pissed about it. 

Listen to the song below, and be sure to catch Blondshell open for Suki Waterhouse in January. 

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