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The Best Three Songs Released This Past Week Pt. 82

Hey there! This is the last New Music Sunday post of the year, considering next Sunday is Christmas Day.

You can read all of our New Music Sunday posts here. Enjoy!

Noteworthy album & EP releases:
(i would have followed you), Delaney Bailey
Cherry, Pt. 1, Grady
NO THANK YOU, Little Simz
Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), Various Artists

In chronological order:

“Losing You” – FLO
Release date – December 15

Calling it now: FLO is about to have their breakout year in 2023. The British girl group originally formed back in 2019, signed to Island Records soon after, and most recently, won the 2023 Brit Award for Rising Star (being the first all female group to ever do so).

“Losing You” sends us back to the ’90s when artists like Destiny’s Child and TLC were dominating the charts when R&B music was extremely prevalent. If you’re a fan of artists like SZA, Tinashe, and Chloe x Halle, definitely take a listen to FLO and remember, 2023 is going to be big for them.

“Today (can’t help but cry)” – Gretel Hänlyn
Release date – December 15

It’s not every day that an artist with 170k monthly listeners gets their new single in the top 25 of New Music Friday. Whether or not it’s because the song truly slaps or it’s because the end of the year is historically a slow time for new music, I’m just glad that Gretel Hänlyn’s newest single landed on my radar this weekend.

Hänlyn, who released an EP titled Slugeye earlier this year, is back with one more song before the year ends: “Today (can’t help but cry)” has a real ’90s sensibility to it, reminiscent of artists like The Cranberries and vocals that immediately made me think of London Grammar. The song’s lucidity is where it shines: describing the simplistic feeling that come with spending a day with someone you love. Co-produced by Mura Masa, “Today” is guaranteed to lift your spirits and remind you to spend time with the people you care about: what better message to take with us into the end of the year?

“Blink” – the moss
Release date – December 16

Utah-based alt-rock band the moss, (not to be mistaken with doom metal band Moss) has released their second single of 2022, following “Insomnia,” which was released just over a month ago.

the moss (yes, their name is lowercase, not a typo) seems destined to become the next big indie rock band: sonically, they sound like artists The Backseat Lovers and Del Water Gap, but throw in a little country twang reminiscent of Briston Maroney and Kings of Leon and you’ve got magic.

Check out the moss on their west coast tour early next year.

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