Our Most Anticipated Album Releases of 2023—So Far

While there’s still MANY unannounced releases slated for 2023 that we don’t even know yet, we DO know of several that are coming out as soon as a couple weeks from now. Let’s get into it!

In chronological order:

Rebecca BlackLet Her Burn 
Release Date – February 9

The best hyperpop always comes from the most unlikely places. Rebecca Black, known for her early-stage-meme single “Friday,” has begun her music career in earnest over the last couple of years. Black has found her home in the metallic and jittery sounds of glitch pop, and she’s been featured on hard-hitting tracks from artists like Dorian Electra and PC Music producer Umru. Featuring the clubby “Crumbs” and Janet Jackson-esque “Sick To My Stomach,” Let Her Burn is one not to miss. – Andy

Release Date – February 10

Electronic R&B artist Kelela will make her highly-anticipated return in February with her second album Raven. In 2022, she gave listeners a first look at the record with the singles “Washed Away,” “Happy Ending,” and “On the Run,” which continue her signature style of atmospheric R&B. With credits from fellow electronic experimentalists LSDXOXO, Shygirl, and crossover hit Kaytranada, Raven is sure to be full of hypnotizing and club-ready R&B. – Andy

Paramore This Is Why
Release Date – February 10

Paramore was one of my introductions to pop punk music: seeing them in concert when I was 12 or 13-years-old on a tour with Jimmy Eat World was one of my earliest live music experiences. With that being said, I’ve admittedly fallen off the fan bandwagon over the past several years, but have found myself returning even stronger with each song that Paramore has put out ahead of This Is Why thus far. Despite these singles being received differently from fans, I was on board the moment why I heard the title track (and lead single) “This Is Why, a song about our pathetic state of the world and the dread that comes along with living in it. – Kristin

Caroline PolachekDesire, I Want to Turn Into You
Release Date – February 14

I know I say I’m not the “I knew them first” person (though I really am sometimes, deep down), I will die on the hill that I was a fan of Caroline Polachek even before the pandemic came (so like, a long time ago – I even saw her in 2020 as one of only live performances that happened in January 2020). So you better believe I’m very much looking forward to her sophomore album. Thanks to TikTok breathing new life into one of the best songs of 2019, Polachek has been able to create an even bigger fanbase with her just left-of-center pop music: weird but not not too weird to alienate listeners. What does “Bunny Is A Rider” even mean? – Kristin

InhalerCuts & Bruises
Release Date – February 17

CUTS & BRUISES is Inhaler’s highly anticipated sophomore project, the band’s follow-up to the successful It Won’t Always Be Like This, which was released in 2021. Staged Haze readers likely recall that the aforementioned album made it to our Top 50 Albums of 2021 list. For the indoctrinated, Inhaler’s vibe meshes with the likes of The 1975, 49th & Main, or Delights. They capture the feelings I would associate with a breezy beachside on a midsummer’s night.

Everything about Inhaler harbors that energetic pop sound that bounces along the airwaves. While the teaser tracks have been absolutely crushing it as of late, other notable tracks for newcomers and vets alike include “It Won’t Always Be Like This,” “My King Will Be Kind,” and my personal favorite, “Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House).” – Sean

Gracie AbramsGood Riddance
Release Date – February 24

Following the immediate success of her two EPs “minor” (2020) and “This Is What It Feels Like” (2021), one of our favorite nepo babies is releasing her debut album. Although her swift jump to stardom can be quickly (and validly) associated with her inherited head start in the industry, Gracie’s talent is undeniable. Her sad-girl, angsty persona has gained its own place in the hearts of hopeless romantics around the world, and it only makes sense for her to release her biggest project to date right before joining Taylor Swift on her Eras tour in 2023.

The lead single “Where Do We Go Now?” gives us a glimpse of what her debut might sound like: the production stays in the same line as songs like “Feels Like” and “The Bottom,” and it works perfectly with her soft, comforting pop tune, but it also brings up the question: will we only get more of the same? I’m hoping Gracie only surprises us even more, as she actively fights the stigma behind having famous parents. – Javi

MazieBlotter Baby
Release Date – February 24

After going mildly viral on TikTok with her song “dumb dumb”, Mazie, born Grace Christian, is dropping her debut album, Blotter Baby, next month. Although always maintaining her bubbly, dreamy sound, the 23-year-old seems to venture into different genres, from soft indie pop to pop punk and alt rock, and this album hopefully allows her to show her range.

The Georgia-raised artist announced the project along with the cover art, which includes multiple easter eggs about past and future music for her fans. The chaotic but well-thought-out illustration emanates what the album seems to promise, a variety of sounds that will allow Christina to detach herself from the “TikTok artist” label. – Javi

Miley CyrusEndless Summer Vacation
Release Date – March 10

If you don’t live under a rock, then you’ve likely heard Miley Cyrus’s new record-breaking single “Flowers,” which depicts her tumultuous relationship with her long time ex partner, Liam Hemsworth. The song has had a reception similar to that of “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)”, as both fans and casual followers have been waiting to hear the tea about her breakup with the The Hunger Games actor for a while now.

After a couple of projects that were unfairly under-hyped, Endless Summer Vacation looks to be the album that finally gets Cyrus back on top of the charts. With a leading single that included explicit references of her past relationship with the actor, we can only hope for this album to spill divulge more on her (very public) engagement and following separation. – Javi

Black Honey A Fistful of Peaches
Release Date – March 17

A Fistful of Peaches is Black Honey’s third crack at a mind-snarring fuzzy-pop-rock record. Their previous albums were met with significant praise, yet Black Honey remains relatively underground. I have yet to meet someone that isn’t a music nerd and can identify Black Honey as a group, which, to be honest, is a bit astonishing.

I feel as if this ensemble packs enough of a punch to stand on their own two feet. Maybe their third iteration will launch them into the stardom that they are destined for. Until then, I know I’ll be spinning everything they put out–I strongly encourage you to do the same. – Sean

Fall Out BoySo Much (for) Stardust
Release Date – March 24

January 19, 2018. I was a junior in college and went over to my friend’s apartment with intentions of blasting MANIA as loud as her landlord would allow. We had high hopes for an album that included “Last of the Real Ones,” but we were let down substantially. Since, Fall Out Boy has taken a bit of a hiatus, dropping a feature here and there. Now, five years later they are ready to rekindle their title at the top of the teenage-angst hill. So Much (for) Stardust appears to be their bounce back because teaser track “Love From the Other Side” is a grade A banger. This is quintessential Fall Out Boy with a fresh new twist that feels natural, whereas MANIA felt unfocused and unnatural. I’m dialed in for this release. Bring it, Pat & co! – Sean

boygeniusthe record
Release Date – March 31

Just a few months ago, photos were floating around the internet of boygenius (otherwise known as the supergroup formed between Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, and Phoebe Bridgers) from what looked like to be a photoshoot promoting new music. Theories of Phoebe releasing her next album were quickly put on the backburner as the indie world realized that a full-length release from boygenius was actually on the horizon. And just like that, the trio quietly released three singles ahead of the record, which is set to drop this spring (we were only graced with 6 on their debut EP, this project has 12). – Kristin

The Hold Steady The Price of Progress
Release Date – March 31

The Hold Steady return for their ninth album, The Price of Progress, which comes out at the end of March. The indie rock mainstays will also be celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band with a US tour. On “Sideways Skull,” the lead single from The Price of Progress, The Hold Steady continue to sound like The Hold Steady with Craig Finn’s signature talk-singing vocals and the group’s punchy, meat-and-potatoes approach to rock. – Andy

Release Date – April 7

One of my favorite synth pop artists of the decade has to be Overcoats: a duo that I truly feel like hasn’t gotten the recognition they deserve. While I didn’t fully connect with Overcoats’ 2020 project The Fight in the same way I did with their debut project, Young, one thing is for certain: Overcoats’ gorgeous folk-esque melodies are a fascinating pairing with their electronic production choices, and I’m hoping to see more of that on Winner later this year. – Kristin 

WednesdayRat Saw God 
Release Date – April 7

Asheville, NC band Wednesday is one of the most exciting up-and-coming names in indie rock. With a fresh record deal to Dead Oceans (Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski) and an extensive tour lined up, 2023 is a major year for the country-rock quintet. While this is Wednesday’s first new record since 2021’s Twin Plagues, they have certainly kept busy. Last year, they released a covers record titled Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling ‘Em Up, which featured their takes on classics by Gary Steward, The Smashing Pumpkins, and more. Wednesday guitarist MJ Lenderman also released one of the best albums of 2022, the sardonic Boat Songs. Two singles from Rat Saw God are out, the twangy “Chosen to Deserve” and cathartic epic “Bull Believer.” – Andy

JosephThe Sun
Release Date – April 28

Everyone’s favorite sister trio is back for a new record: the first since 2019’s Good Luck Kid, an album that was also inspired by the band’s near breakup. The Sun comes nine years since Joseph’s debut album, Native Dreamer Kin, was released, and each album since then has become progressively more indie, a bit more rough around the edges and less “girl dancing in a corn field wearing a flower crown,” which is a trend I hope continues. – Kristin

The National First Two Pages of Frankenstein
Release Date – April 28

Everyone’s favorite sad dads are returning with their first full-length release in four years. First Two Pages of Frankenstein, according to Matt Berninger, was borne out of a brutal bout of writer’s block. After he broke through and wrote lead single “Tropic Morning News” with his wife Carin Besser, he and the rest of the band recognized they’d entered a turning point. “

Tropic Morning News,” contemplative yet rousing, is the Platonic form of a The National song. It signals, for lack of a better word, a potential homecoming for the band after years of collaborations, solo projects, and producing for other artists. However, they broke their usual no-features policy for First Two Pages and included former tour opener Phoebe Bridgers, Boxer collaborator Sufjan Stevens, and the needs-no-introduction Taylor Swift as guests. – Emma

Miya FolickRoach
Release Date – May 26

It feels like a lifetime ago when I saw Miya Folick kick ass at her headlining performance at Schubas Tavern in Chicago promoting the release of her album Premonitions. Though I wish I was bak here to report that she’s now a massive artist, she’s still trudging away at the grind. Roach is Folick’s first full-length project since 2018’s Premonitions, and based on the singles thus far, I’m anticipating it to feature her best work yet (specifically “Bad Thing” and “Cartoon Clouds.” Folick is playing a handful of dates with Aly & AJ this spring. – Kristin

Declan McKenna – TBD

This might be a long shot, but I will take any excuse to write about one of my favorite white boys. Now, Declan did mention that he was working on “everyone’s next year’s Spotify wrappeds” last year, but there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. A project will most likely come out by the second half of 2023, since it only makes sense for the Brit to put out new music now that he was finally able to go on his postponed “Zeros” tour, promoting his album released in 2020.

The only release since then has been the song “My House” (2021), a track about quarantining far away from your significant other. And although the 24-year-old’s music is largely focused on social issues instead of his personal life, maybe this time we’ll get to see some more of that sensitive side (but I will not be complaining if that’s not the case). – Javi

Sky Ferreira – TBD

Is 2023 it? The year that we finally get a sophomore album from Sky Ferreira? While your guess is good as mine, I’m feeling good about the odds. Not only is her astonishingly fantastic debut album Night Time, My Time turning 10-years-old this year, but she also released a single in 2022, AND she posted a fairly cryptic Instagram post on January 14 with the words “I want to put this out” in the body of the footage. There’s only so many artists in the industry nowadays that can get fans hyped for an album that may never actually come, and Ferreira is one of them. – Kristin

Zedd – TBD

Another year, another anticipated album post that includes Zedd. I could’ve sworn that I saw tweets regarding his latest project two years ago at this point: it feels like the pop- electronica juggernaut should have delivered by now. I’m cautious because I have not yet seen any recent mentions of the project, but I’m hoping Zedd makes a triumphant return to his Clarity and True Colors days. His recent pop hits have been okay at best and are more akin to Calvin Harris’ Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 2, which, if you recall…all sound the same. It’s a long shot, but here’s hoping! – Sean

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